A student walks past Temple's motto on Main Campus.

Our Impact

Making a Social Impact in Philadelphia and Beyond

At Klein College of Media and Communication, we prioritize and promote a dynamic combination of academic rigor and practical training. But we also know that our impact as students and professionals reaches much further than that.

We’ve made it our mission to not only serve our students and our local community, but to serve whoever we possibly can through our teaching and communication efforts. Klein supports developing inclusive spaces for everyone to thrive, and we strive to amplify voices too often excluded from the creation of mainstream media.

At Klein, you’ll have the opportunity to give back in myriad ways. Whether through experiential work in your department, research conducted in one of our centers and institutes, or joining a student organization such as 14th Street Magazine—aimed at better understanding our northerly neighbors—or the Temple University Public Advocacy Club, our social impact is matched only by your own.


alumni represent Klein College globally.


Klein alumni have won Pulitzer Prizes.


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Social impact opportunities to make your mark and leave a lasting impression— not only on other Owls, but on the community around you—abound at Klein. Interested in a student organization aimed at giving back? Determined to unearth the next great story in a city—and a university—full of stories? No matter how you’re hoping to make a social impact on the world, we’re ready to aid in those efforts.


Through various channels, Klein offers a diverse set of opportunities for our students and alumni to make a social impact.

COVID19TU.com Reporting Collaborative

The COVID19TU.com Reporting Collaborative launched at the beginning of the pandemic when student media leaders came together to develop a reporting collaborative among Temple news outlets. The outlet provides daily and weekly coverage available online for the Temple and Philadelphia community. Breaking news updates are produced with the assets of The Temple NewsTemple UpdateWHIP RadioTUTV and Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

Diamond Edge Communication Student Agency

The Diamond Edge Communication Advertising Student Agency is a student-run agency that provides a range of marketing communication services to clients. The focus is on serving North Philadelphia-based businesses, community groups, nonprofits and important social causes. This client profile pairs students with clients that truly need marketing communications help and ones that are willing to give the students freedom and responsibility needed to maximize their experiential learning potential. 

PRowl Public Relations Student Agency

The PRowl Public Relations Student Agency is a student-led PR agency that provides services for local organizations and businesses. This agency provides services in business and strategy development, content creation, and media relations.

TUTV (Temple University Television)

The TUTV (Temple University Television) examines and seeks solutions to the major issues facing the North Philadelphia community. Students produce Philadelphia Television’s only “wall-to-wall” political coverage on election nights and cover stories on Temple Update. TUTV produces daily news capsules in Spanish and Mandarin. Many programs examine the impact of the racial reckoning while evaluating issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in our community. This includes A Broader ViewTemple PeopleThe Vibe and University Lectures.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Opportunities

LatinX Initiative

The LatinX Initiative aims to build community around the Latinx student population at Klein College, as well as further connect with Philadelphia’s Latinx communities through speakers and relationships with local institutions such as Esperanza College.

MLK Jr. Day Speech Reading and Volunteer Event

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Speech Reading & Volunteer Event is a live reading of the MLK “I Have A Dream” speech open to the Temple and Philadelphia community. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event included volunteer work at local North Philadelphia churches and area facilities. 

Rocking the World

Rocking the World: Disrupting Stereotypical Notions of Race, Class and Religion is a course where students are required to read the book Caste: The Origins of our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson and gain an in-depth understanding of three caste systems: the history of slavery and racism in the United States, the history of the caste system in India, and the history of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany during World War II. Students traveled to Washington, D.C., to visit The National Museum of African American History and Culture and also The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The goal is to develop ways to address racism and prejudice in their own areas of interest.