Studying in London

Students live and learn in one of the great urban, artistic, political centers of the world, a city at the intersection of proud traditions and the leading edge of commerce, media, and culture. Since 1969, the program has enabled students to take full advantage of London’s diverse cultural and social communities, dynamic urban spaces, its relationship to the rest of Europe and the city’s status as home to communications and corporate giants.
Global Opportunities offers two programs in London: a semester program and a summer program. Students interested in spending a semester in London can enroll in the fall or spring semester taking 12-18 credits. In the summer, students can take six or seven credits with a faculty program leader while completing an internship.

    London Semester Program

    • Terms available: fall and spring
    • Dates
      • Fall 2020: September 2020 to December 2020
    • Internship: optional
    • Courses (12 credits): Advertising, Communication Studies, English, Film and Media Arts, History, Journalism, Media Studies and Production, Political Science, Communication and Social Influence, Public Relations and Theater
    • Faculty: Klein College faculty program leader
    • Student life: Apartment or residence hall housing in Kensington, Chelsea or King’s Cross; excursions and transportation are included in the cost
    • Application deadlines:
      • Fall 2020: April 1st, 2020

    London Summer Program

    • Dates: June 15th, 2020 – August 3rd, 2020
    • Internship: Available for 3 credits
    • Faculty Led Course – 3 credits available in: Communication Studies, Journalism, Media Studies and Production, Communication and Social Influence, and Public Relations
    • Faculty: Klein College faculty program leader
    • Student life: Apartment or residence hall housing
    • Program is open to all students, undergraduate and graduate
    • Application deadline: February 15, 2020
    • To schedule an appointment to learn more or start your application for London Semester or Summer, visit the Global Opportunities portal.

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