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Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication has a rich history and an evolution that mirrors that of the field of communications. Since its inception in 1927, Klein College has earned ongoing recognition as one of the best schools of its kind in the U.S. By offering the right mix of theoretical learning and practical opportunities, Klein College provides leading academics, research and support while preparing students succeed in an ever-changing industry.

Klein College’s Historical Timeline

1927: The Department of Journalism was founded in the School of Business.

1931: The school’s first theater courses were introduced.

1947: The Department of Radio-Television was added.

1967: Film was added to form the Department of Radio, Television and Film.

1967: The departments combined to form the School of Communications and Theater.

1967: The Master of Fine Arts in Theater program was created.

1971: The school introduced the Master of Fine Arts in Film and Video.

1995: Radio-Television-Film was divided into the Department of Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media and the Department of Film and Media Arts.

1995: Journalism was renamed Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising.

1999: The Communications Interdisciplinary major was introduced.

2000: The school added several new media specialists to the faculty and formed the New Media Interdisciplinary concentration.

2004: The Department of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising split into the departments of Advertising, Journalism, and Strategic and Organizational Communication (the latter of which combined communications, public relations and rhetoric).

2010: The Department of Strategic and Organizational Communication was renamed the Department of Strategic Communication. That same year, the department began offering a minor in leadership.

2010: TUTV, Temple’s digital cable channel, was launched in Philadelphia on Comcast and Verizon and online at templetv.net.

2011: The Communications program became the Communication Studies program.

2012: The school was renamed the School of Media and Communication as a part of a realignment that moved the departments of Film and Media Arts and Theater to a new Center for the Arts.

2012: The Department of Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media was renamed the Department of Media Studies and Production.