Temple offers an excellent education to talented and motivated students, regardless of their backgrounds or means. It’s why we limit tuition increases and ensure that our students understand their finances. And it’s why all freshman students are automatically considered for academic scholarships.


Like scholarships, grants don’t need to be paid back. They’re awarded according to your financial need and offered by the federal government, state governments and Temple.
Learn more about grants on the Student Financial Services website.

Educational loans

Loans come with interest and are paid back. Consider applying first for government loans, including Parent PLUS and Federal Perkins loans. Government loans often have lower interest rates than private loans and offer the option to begin paying them back after graduation. Check out what kinds of loans are available by visiting the Student Financial Services site.

Federal work-study

Earn money to help cover expenses other than tuition by working for Temple on campus or for an employer off campus. Get more information about work-study on the Student Financial Services website.

Veterans’ benefits

If you’ve served in the U.S. military, you might qualify for educational benefits. Visit Temple’s Military and Veterans Services Center.

Temple also prepares you for the real world of money management. Visit our online Student Loan and Money Management Center to see how Temple supports financial literacy.

Fly in 4

Did you know that an extra year of tuition costs the same as a home theater system, 44 smartphones and, most importantly, 52 paychecks?

Temple’s innovative Fly in 4 program provides you with the resources you need to graduate on time. If you participate in Fly in 4 and don’t graduate in four years, your remaining course work is free.

93 percent of the Class of 2019 signed up for Fly in 4.
That’s a lot of smartphones.

Read more about how Fly in 4 can help you fast-track your future.

Scholarships at Temple

Temple University offers academic scholarships, ranging in amounts up to and including full tuition. Recipients are selected based on the quality of their applications. Learn more about Temple’s academic scholarships for incoming freshmen.

Scholarships at Klein

Klein offers awards and academic scholarships, ranging in amounts up to incoming students as well as students who continue their studies within the college. Recipients are selected based on criteria and the quality of their applications. Learn more about Klein’s academic scholarships.