Under normal circumstances, the students in Klein's Communication Studies Pride course (CSI 3100) learn and engage with course materials through a combination of projects, quizzes and presentations, all leading up to the annual historic event every June, celebrating the Stonewall Riots that marked the beginning of the LGBTQ movement: the Pride Parade in New York City.

With recent events having shifted the reality of the 2020 Pride Parade, these students now faced the challenge of creating the same experience found in a movement to an online platform. But through quick thinking and ingenuity, they have successfully moved their studies to the platform of Instagram. There, 11 groups of students created separate pages aimed at providing both historical as well as contemporary information about the LGBTQ community and Pride.

These projects supplement the unfortunate cancellation of Pride events this June due to the pandemic, and create a sense of Pride that can transcend physical location. Check out our compilation of a small sample of their amazing work to take a glimpse into the world of pride.


Title photo by Kayla Osadche.