Last summer, Associate Professor of Practice Matt Fine saw an Edenton Steamers game, a summer collegiate baseball team for the Tidewater Summer League in North Carolina and Virginia. While he was there, he got to know the interns who were calling the games and running the team's social media. This spring, he recommended two of his own star media studies and production (MSP) majors from OwlSports Update, junior Raymond Dunne and sophomore Nick Nystedt, apply for the positions. They were easily accepted based on their extensive media experience here at Klein College of Media and Communication, and both will move down to Edenton in mid-May to begin their first-ever internship committed to one team and one sport.

Nystedt mentioned that interacting with the team on a regular basis is one of the main factors that attracted him to the internship. He is also interested in the community dynamics of a rural summer league, as the community is heavily involved and baseball is a very popular source of entertainment in the area.

Fine agrees that the experience will be refreshing for Dunne and Nystedt, but also knows that they have their work cut out for them with their level of team involvement. "I think having this professional experience in a different part of the country is invaluable to any college student," he said. "But it's not an easy job -- helping run a money making sports operation."

Dunne is excited about his role in particular. Though he has been involved with OwlSports Update and WHIP Radio since before he even decided to enroll at Temple University, Dunne has always dreamed of the play-by-play role that he will fulfill for the Steamers. "I've always wanted to be the voice of a baseball organization, and the fact that they've given me a chance to do it is amazing, and I can't wait to get started," he said.

Dunne's position as the Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations, is also in charge of press releases and requests from the media. He has already begun his duties in his capacity, writing press releases remotely each week until he relocates in May.

Nystedt's position is more heavily involved with public relations. Although his ultimate dream is to be on camera, Nystedt has a wealth of experience in public relations, from his role in a Public Affairs unit in the Army Reserves to his role overseeing social media for OwlSports Update. He doesn't view public relations as a departure from his chosen path; instead, he views every opportunity to work in media production and sports as a learning experience far more exciting than your average part-time job.

"Doing reporting and being on camera is my passion, but I'll do anything. I love it all," he said. "[PR] is a stepping stone, but it's also like, I've grown to enjoy it. And sure I want to move on and do other things, but that doesn't mean I don't care about it." 

Both passionate and eager for their next adventure, Dunne and Nystedt are looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that await them down South.

"It's gonna teach me a lot about the industry," Dunne said. "I want to be thrown into the fire and have a chance to react."