A Broader View
TUTV's public affairs talk series that explores the issues and events that shape our lives. From politics to social justice to student Adderall abuse and much more, we'll give you a broader view of the big stories that people are talking about…or should be talking about. A Broader View is produced and hosted by Professor Karen M. Turner's journalism class.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @ABroaderViewTU

Allotrope Agency

Allotrope is Temple Ad Club’s student-run full-service agency. We’re a group of innovative and media-savvy students who live and breathe brands.

Social: @agencyallotrope

Aperture Photo Agency 
Aperture Agency is Temple University’s only student-run photography agency. We develop young photographers through group expeditions, weekly workshops and one-on-one attention. We encourage individual photography interests as we aim to foster alifelong passion for photography in our members. We also accept photography jobs from around the city. We aim to have fun while exploring a craft we enjoy!

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @ApertureAgency

Audio Professionals of Temple Universit
APTU is for anyone in MSP who is interested in audio. The main focus of the club is audio projects, weather it be a demo for a band writing a song, an audio book or radio spot, or any work that other production clubs might need in audio. Members can work on their own projects, projects that people have shared to each other and collaborative projects between group members. This group also holds events to spread knowledge of the audio program in Temple to people that might be interested but not know where it is. We meet in Studio G, the premier studio of Temple, and have access to all of the studios gear to learn and to use. If you are interested in audio production, or just learning your way around a studio, join us.


Bell Tower Music
Sharpen your knowledge in the fields of audio engineering, communications, journalism, music and new media by working with Bell Tower Music—Temple University’s own nonprofit, student-run record label that develops and supports the musical diversity of its students. The label promotes its own artists and others in and around the Temple area, aiming to strengthen the community by celebrating music that supports the many cultures that make up Temple’s student body.

Website belltowermusic.org/ 
Facebook: TUBellTowerMusic
Twitter, Instagram, Youtube: @BellTowerMusic
Soundcloud: @Bell-tower-music
Spotify: Bell Tower Music

Bouncing Back
Lisa Bien, a professional marketing strategist and Temple Public Relations Professor, created Bouncing Back in an effort to give Temple students and other viewers insight into their own misgivings concerning self worth while presenting real life examples of personal struggle with self acceptance.


COMM Club is an extension of the Communication Studies Program at Klein, and provides a space for those in the communications field to engage with one another through various endeavors.

Social: @commclubtu

Country Music Association 
CMA EDU is the Country Music Association’s college outreach and business development program. CMA EDU’s primary focus is to educate college students on career opportunities within the music and entertainment industries. Each semester, CMA EDU will invite industry professionals including artists as guest speakers to Temple's campus. Industry speakers share their insights into the field, discuss current industry trends and impart concrete advice on how to successfully pursue and excel in a music business career. CMA EDU Chapters are also challenged to work directly with industry professionals on projects tailored to the college market. These projects allow students to strengthen teamwork skills, gain practical industryrelated experience and participate in fun and innovative music initiatives. 


Fashionable Entrepreneurship Technology Communication HQ
FETCH is a club focused on media and communication relating to the fashion industry. Areas that we will be focusing on include: media involving magazines, blog posts, and social media along with photography, Public Relations, styling and design. FETCH is here to be a creative outlet for those wanting a job in the Fashion Industry and, specifically, in the field relating to Media and Communication.We will be bringing speakers from these areas of Fashion to share their knowledge and expertise as well as potential internship and job opportunities as well. 

This organization is built to help those who want to build their resume for jobs surrounding the Fashion Industry and also for anyone who wants to make friends with those that have similar interests in Fashion! The main goal for this organization is for members to have more Fashion opportunities on campus that relate to the media aspects of the Fashion Industry while giving opportunities to our members to network and add more projects to their portfolios as creatives. 

Instagram: @makingfetchhappentu

Fourteenth Street
Temple University calls North Philadelphia home, but how much do we as students know about the community around us? Few are aware of what makes the neighborhoods special: the history, the culture and the people. Fourteenth Street wants to change that. As a student magazine, we aim to bring our classmates (and ourselves) out of the campus bubble, to explore and spotlight our surrounding zip codes so that we’re not just members of the Temple community, but of the North Philadelphia community, too.

Twitter, Instagram: @14thstreetmag

Freely Magazine 
Freely Magazine is a Philly-based multicultural media channel for international students and anyone who shows appreciation for diversity and cultural uniqueness. Our mission is to blur the restrictive boundaries among and between different ethnic groups by providing students with opportunities to raise their voices, share their cultures, and receive specific content that will improve their college experience in Philadelphia.

Twitter, Facebook: @freelymagazine

Her Campus Temple 
In 2009, three smart, empowered, and fearless college women got together (shout out to Annie, Windsor and Stephanie!) and launched a plan to fill a huge hole in the media market: an online magazine dedicated to, written by, and focused on empowering, college women.

And now? Her Campus is the #1 media site for college women, written entirely by the world’s top college journalists.

We’re IRL: We’re everywhere, with the InfluenceHer Collective with 4,000 millennial influencers, Her Conference®, College Fashion Week®, High School Ambassador Program, Campus Trendsetters, Her Campus Shop, and The Her Campus Guide to College Life (our actual hold-in-your-hands book).

We’re online: We’re all over Instagram, from @HerCampusStyle to @HerCampusBeauty to @HerCampusFoodie, and we’re all over the internet, from the microsites run by our network of 360+ chapters strong across 11 countries to our impactful campaigns around everything from sex to finance, skincare to career. So, are you ready to come hang with us?
Youtube: HerCampus Temple
Twitter: @HCTemple
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest: @HerCampusTemple

Hyphen Literary Magazine
Hyphen Magazine is produced annually by undergraduate students. The publication features the literary, and artistic talents of Temple University undergraduates of all majors. The organization consists of a team of readers and editors, who comb through the pieces and publish a new issue of the magazine every spring.

Twitter: @hyphenlitmag_
Instagram, Facebook: @hyphenlitmag 

La Charla
La Charla is TUTV’s first Spanish-language talk show. Student hosts discuss current events, politics, popular culture, and more.


Lambda Pi Eta
Lambda Pi Eta is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association. As a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, Lambda Pi Eta has more than 400 active chapters at four-year colleges and universities worldwide. Lambda Pi Eta was founded in 1985 at the University of Arkansas. It became a part of the National Communication Association in 1988 and the official honor society of the association in July 1995. Lambda Pi Eta represents what Aristotle described in Rhetoric as the three ingredients of persuasion: logos (Lambda), meaning logic; pathos (Pi), relating to emotion; and ethos (Eta), defined as character credibility and ethics.

Lamda Pi Eta

  • establishes and maintains closer relationships between faculty and students.
  • explores options for graduate education in communication studies.
  • promotes and encourages professional development among communication majors.
  • provides an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication.
  • recognizes, fosters and rewards outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies.
  • stimulates interest in the communication discipline.


Lo Ultimo
Lo Último is the first all-Spanish language news program on TUTV, covering topics ranging from global to local issues.

Social: @loultimotu

Media Inside Out
Media Inside Out is a television talk show that explores the media we love to watch, listen to, read and play with an analytical and critical approach. Topics have included a discussion of diversity in commercials; the influence of news editing; and the shift in audience role from consumer to author. Media Inside Out approaches media with an appreciation for its potential as entertainment, and even as an educational tool, but balances that with an understanding of its impact and influence. Each episode digs deep into a specific media theme or media property. The series is produced and hosted by Sherri Hope Culver, director of the Center for Media and Information Literacy at Temple University. Program segments and information are conveyed in an entertaining, playful manner. The show explores, reveals, clarifies, and ultimately helps the audience appreciate the power of the media in their lives and their relationship with that media.Media Inside Out promotes creative and intellectual dialogue, while encouraging viewers to analyze their own media habits.


Music Business Club
The Temple Music Business Club focused on educating and inspiring Temple University students about the recording industry and music business.

Social: @tumusicbiz

OwlSports Update 
A weekly, student-run show about Temple University’s intercollegiate athletic programs. It is anchored, edited, filmed and produced by Temple students, who can volunteer to work on the show or take it as a class.
Twitter, Youtube: @OwlSportsUpdate

PRowl Public Relations
Develop strategic thinking and gain tactical practice working at this student-run PR firm. Members apply their classroom knowledge to real-world settings, become part of an interactive communications process, create and execute public relations campaigns, form valuable relationships with professionals in the Philadelphia area, and prepare for life after graduation.

Facebook: PRowl Public Relations
Twitter: @PRowlPR
Instagram: @PRowl_pr

Public Relations Student Society of America, PRSSA
The Public Relations Student Society of America is the leading pre-professional organization for students interested in public relations and communications. With over 300 chapters and 10,000 members nation wide, PRSSA offers members countless opportunities to succeed.
The Temple University Chapter of PRSSA is the longest standing chapter in the Philadelphia region, and currently consists of over 120 members. In 2019, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary.

The core of our chapter lies within three main areas: leadership, networking and mentorship. Our goal is to prepare members for a successful and well-rounded career working in the public relations field, using all of the great resources Temple University and The City of Brotherly Love have to offer.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @templeprssa

Sports Media Society for Women

SMSW is Temple’s first organization dedicated to supporting women in sports media. We work to promote the advancement of women in sports media, so that they may have opportunities to further their careers as well as make meaningful connections. We organize a variety of guest speakers who seek to share their experiences with us, and although SMSW was initially created to promote the advancement of women in sports media, we allow ANYONE to join our organization. Our goal is to help each other make meaningful connections to achieve success in the future!

Social: @smsw_templeu

Templar Yearbook
Temple University’s yearbook, Templar, captures life at the university in a quick snapshot of the past academic year and celebrates each year’s graduating class.

Twitter: @TemplarYearbook
Instagram: @TemplarAnnual
Facebook: @TemplarAnnualYearbook

Temple Ad Club (TAC)
Examine the role advertising plays in our everyday lives and gain advertising awareness, education and hands-on experience through the Temple Ad Club. We also study advertising’s growing power and effect in the ever-expanding “real world,” while giving driven students of all majors chances to explore and express their creativity.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @TempleAdClub

Temple Association of Black Journalists
Gain networking opportunities that could launch your career through Temple’s Association of Black Journalists, an official student chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists.

Facebook: @TempleTABJ

Temple SMASH
Temple University's first and only televised variety show, produced for students by students. Taped in front of a live studio audience in TV Studio 1 of Annenberg Hall at Klein College, the show features an array of talent acts including original sketch comedy, musical groups, dancers, stand-up comics, short films, and more. 

Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube: @TempleSMASH

Temple Talk
Created by freshmen Media Studies & Production majors Marissa Giletto and Luke Frey, Temple Talk is TUTV's first entertainment talk show. Temple students gather to report on and discuss the latest in entertainment news, fashion, and film.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @TempleTalkTV

Temple Tonight
Temple Tonight is Temple University's first, only, and by extension, best late night talk show. Hosts take a humorous look at world news and happenings on campus, with help from a slew of characters like Frat Guy Todd and Paul, The Comedian with No Life Experience. Temple Tonight also welcomes interesting guests and performers from Temple's campus and Philadelphia at large.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @templetonight

Temple University Screenwriters Workshop 
For Screenwriters, there's nothing better than to have your words said aloud. To actually hear your characters speaking not only provides context for their voices, but it is a great way to help improve parts of your writing that might seem slow or need improvements. In a workshop, you not only have this experience but you are able to converse with a table of your peers in order to discern the good parts from the bad, and the brilliant from the ugly. Workshops not only edify the work of the individual but the work of the whole, being able to identify group issues and coming up with ways to overcome them.

A Screenwriter's Workshop is meant to be a meeting of the minds, designed to review and improve work amongst a group of fellow screenwriters. All writers are welcome but knowledge of writing for the screen, and basic screenwriting format, is necessary. The only type of writing that will be workshopped is writing for the screen (Tv or Film) however, playwrights are welcome. All other types of writing, while loved, shall not be covered. Meetings are bi-weekly (2 times a month) on Thursdays.


Temple University Black Public Relations Society 
Temple University’s Black Public Relations Society is a professional student organization that aims to create, cultivate and encourage a supportive community for aspiring multicultural Public Relations professionals at Temple University. As the first of two collegiate branches of the National Black Public Relations Society, and the offspring of the Philadelphia branch, we host a plethora of amazing programs, workshops, events and discussion panels throughout the year. Through these events, our participants gain knowledge, professionalism, along with internship and job opportunities. These achievements continue to propel us toward our goals. TUBPRS holds general meetings every other Monday at 7 p.m. in the Student Center. We hope to see you there!

Facebook, Twitter: @TUBPRS

Temple Update
A weekly, half-hour news program produced, written, directed and anchored by Temple students. Update focuses on news and events on campus, in the surrounding area and anywhere there may be a story of interest to the greater Temple community. Temple Update is produced every Thursday morning in the TV News Broadcast Production Practicum class, assisted by a dedicated staff of student volunteers.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: @templeupdate

The Temple News
The Temple News has been the paper of record for the Temple University community since it first printed as Temple University Weekly on Sept. 19, 1921. The award-winning student publication, editorially independent of Temple, now publishes every Tuesday. The Temple News distributes 5,000 printed copies, free of charge, to the university’s five primary locations in the Delaware Valley, including Main Campus, Center City, Health Sciences, Ambler, and the Tyler School of Art. Our newsroom is located in Room 243 of the Howard Gittis Student Center. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @thetemplenews

The Vibe
The Vibe is Temple University's hottest new entertainment, culture, and music show! TUTV's FIRST music and hip hop culture show! 

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @TheVibeTUTV

Temple University Public Advocacy Club
The TU Public Advocacy Club seeks to create, mold and develop advocates throughout the Temple University community. We Provide students with the opportunities to organize and contribute to social and political progress in our university community and  Philadelphia at large. We facilitate thoughtful discussions about a variety of political and social issues in a safe environment where everyone can voice their opinions and beliefs.

The Purpose of our Organization is to:

  • Provide opportunities to be actively engaged within our community
  • Promote academic discussions on relevant issues within public advocacy and social justice
  • Provide our members with practical experience organizing and hosting philanthropic and issue advocacy events

Facebook: TUPublicAdvocacyClub
Instagram: @TUPublicAdvocacy

TUTV Broadcasting Station
TUTV is Temple University’s digital cable station. Broadcasting to the city of Philadelphia on channel 50 on Comcast digital cable and channel 45 on Verizon FIOS, TUTV features programming from the Klein College of Media and Communication and other schools and colleges within the university, as well as community and professional broadcast partners.

Programming for TUTV is inclusive of all Klein departments, other Temple schools, colleges, and campuses abroad. The television station airs major events like the Lew Klein Alumni in the Media Awards and original and student programming such as Temple Update, We Make The Call, OwlSports Update, Philadelphia Neighborhoods, documentaries, lectures, symposia, and programming created through academic coursework such as TUTV Community Forum. TUTV captures performances from the Theater Department of the Center of the Arts and collaborates with the Fox School of Business, the School of Medicine and Temple University Athletics.

Upon TUTV’s launch, former Temple University President Ann Weaver Hart stated, “The Kal and Lucille Rudman Media Production Center will play a key role in the arts, media and communications here at Temple University and across greater Philadelphia.”

Facebook, Twitter: @templeTV
Instagram: @Temple_TV

TUTV Community Forum 
A collection of student produced interviews from the MSP Department Television Production Practicum course.


We Make The Call
A TUTV sports talk show featuring four Temple students debating current sporting events.

Twitter: @TUWMTC

We Need to Talk
We Need To Talk is TUTV’s first all-female talk show. A group of diverse female hosts bring their unique perspectives to topics such as current events, the latest trends in beauty and fashion, and their own personal lives. 

Facebook: @WeNeedToTalkTUTV

WHIP, an acronym that stands for We Have Infinite Potential, is Temple University’s student-run Internet radio station. It exists to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the radio profession and practice their craft in a studio on campus in Temple’s TECH Center. Whether you’re live on the air, in the studio producing a show or a commercial or out at a local business selling an advertisement, you’ll get hands-on radio experience in a deadline-driven environment. WHIP also gets increased visibility in a top-five media market as one of iHeartRadio’s top college radio stations.

In an effort and commitment to teach and develop students at one of the world’s most diverse universities, WHIP’s varied broadcast lineup features everything from early-morning news and entertainment to sports and a number of musical genres.

Facebook: WHIPRadioTU
Twitter, Instagram, Youtube: WHIPRadio

Join WRTI and broadcast to the more than 339,000 listeners who tune in to WRTI each week on the radio, the station’s two 24-hour web streams and internet radio. Many Klein College students get internships at this award-winning, listener-supported NPR radio station.

Facebook: WRTIMusic

LatinX Media Association

The purpose of Klein College’s LatinX Media Association is to provide support, opportunities, professional development, and extracurricular enrichment to LatinX students and students interested in LatinX media, communication and culture, while strengthening the LatinX representation and visibility at Klein College.

Website: https://temple.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/kclsa
Linked In: