Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I enroll in this Certificate Program? What is the value?

A: SMC Plus is tailored for the ambitious professional.  This online certificate program allows you to sign up for classes that are scheduled around your needs.  The skills and experience that you will gain from your time with SMC Plus are as valuable as the connections you will make with your professors and classmates.

Q: What are the benefits of a certificate program? Will it help advance my career?

A: SMC Plus provides you with the quality of Temple University’s reputation and courses that fit your schedule.  The small class sizes allow you to draw from your workplace experiences and from the experiences of your classmates, and then apply them to the course material.  You will have a valuable certificate and deep knowledge to add to your resume. This will give you the experience and confidence to pursue the career you have been dreaming of.

Q: Can I apply the Digital Advertising credit hours to a Master's Degree?

A: The Digital Advertising courses are not for credit.

Q: What is the format of each course?

A: Classes will be held online through a combination of weekly online meetings, assignments and lectures.  Each week, classmates will meet together and with their professor for an hour in a live video chat setting.  Other assignments and lectures will be posted online and may be completed whenever you see fit during the assigned week.

Q: What are the requirements for applying to the certificate programs?

A: Students who want to enroll in one of the certificate programs are required to complete a short application. No GRE is required for the certificate program.  This program is designed for college graduates, although we will allow select non-graduates to enter the program upon approval. If you are not a college graduate and you would like to sign up for the program, please send us an email at requesting permission. Please attach your resume.

To participate in the course, students will need a computer with high speed Internet access and a video camera (which is built in to most recent computers.)

Q: Can I start the program in either the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester?

A: Yes, it is possible to begin taking classes in any semester.

Q: Where and when are the courses offered?

A: All courses will be held online. Each course lasts five weeks with a weekly synchronous video meeting with the whole class.  If you plan to enroll in four courses, it will take less than one year to complete the certificate.

Q: Do most students work while they are enrolled in the program?

A: Yes, the majority of students in the certificate program work full time while they are enrolled.  Most classes draw from the professional experience of the students in applying course content and developing applicable strategies to help you succeed in the workplace.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Digital Advertising Certificate Program?

A: Each course will take five weeks to complete, and you must take four out of the six courses to complete the certificate. If you choose to take four courses, it will take you less than a year to complete.

Q: Should I enroll in the entire Certificate Program, or should I enroll in an individual course?

A: It depends on what you want to get out of the program and what works best for you.  While the knowledge gained from an individual course will be beneficial, the skills you gain from the entire certificate program will provide a well-rounded digital education.

Q: How many hours should I expect to commit weekly?

A: You should expect to devote approximately 10 hours of work per week including class time, homework and group projects. There will be one hour per week of online lectures. These will meet asynchronously, which means you can log on whenever it is convenient for you. There will also be required weekly one-hour sessions that will be held at a specific time. Your instructor will inform you of that specific time period in advance. This time period is valuable for group work and for a chance to get to know your classmates.

Q: What backgrounds do most students have as they enter the Certificate Program?

A: SMC Plus students have diverse educational and professional backgrounds with undergraduate degrees in various fields.

Q: Why should I enroll in this Certificate Program instead of going to grad school?

A: The certificate program allows you to continue your education on a schedule that is tailored to fit yours. By enrolling in this program, you will acquire valuable skills, tools, and up-to-date digital knowledge. These are valuable skills to help you achieve success in the workplace.

Q: What can you tell me about the instructors?

A: Our instructors were carefully selected based on their academic and professional experience as highly regarded industry experts. Feel free to learn more about them on our Faculty page.

Q: Do the professors offer office hours to meet with students in person?

A: Meetings with the instructors can be privately scheduled through email.

Q: Will I have to physically come to Temple's campus?

A: No, all classes may be completed entirely from wherever you want to work.

Q: Will I get a student ID card and Library privileges and a Temple email address?

A: Yes, you will be considered a non-matriculated student. You will get online access to Temple’s library and Blackboard system. If you come to campus, you will be eligible to get an ID card and use the library in person if you wish. In-person library access is not required for any certificate students.

Q: What are the rates for the Digital Advertising Certificate?

A: Each Digital Advertising course costs just $495. There is no application fee.

Q: What will I need to be prepared?

A: All you need is a personal computer with video capabilities, a strong internet connection, a camera and microphone (headset optional) to participate in the weekly lectures.

Q: How long will one course take to complete?

A: Each course will meet for five weeks.

Q: Will the certificate come as a hard copy?

A: Yes, we will mail a certificate to you upon completion of four courses.

Q: How will assignments be submitted?

A: All grades will be assigned, submitted and graded online.

Q: What is a non-matriculated student?

A: Non-matriculated students (also called “non-degree” or “Continuing Education” students) are individuals who aren’t enrolled in a degree-earning program.

Q: Is this a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and if not, how is it different?

A: No, this is not a massive open online course. Class size will be between 20 to 25 students, giving you the opportunity to build valuable connections with your professors and classmates. The weekly meetings will allow you to get to know each other and form relationships.