Processes of globalization - including the production and distribution of media - impact individuals, communities, cultures, and the environment.

Research in this area examines the role of media as it crosses geographic, cultural, group and political borders. It explores the role of media in processes of globalization and processes of social change. 

How do differing forms of media production - from community-produced media to transnational media corporations - influence culture, conflict, and political power? How do they influence global human rights challenges such as food security, gender equality, peace and conflict, public health, social justice and environmental sustainability? How can communication and media engage local citizens to participate in social change, advocacy, social movements, empowerment and activism? Interpersonal communication is examined with regard to intercultural phenomena as well as intergroup conflict, negotiation, and peacebuilding contexts.

Recent research by our faculty has addressed:

  • The role of local music in political engagement
  • The role of communication in social movements
  • The influence of media on cultural identity
  • Environmental communication
  • The political economy of global media industries
  • Intercultural communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Intergroup conflict, negotiation, and peacebuilding
  • Variations in social networks and relational obligations across cultures
  • Public sphere deliberation and discourse in comparative global contexts
  • How the U.S. news media represents populations of the global south
  • The relationship between local participation and political and social change
  • The use of alternative media, community media, and citizens’ media for social change and empowerment
  • How processes of globalization intersect with gender, race, class, ethnicity and sexual orientation
  • Social and behavior change communication interventions
  • The impact of new technologies on urban revitalization

Global media, social change and activism news:

January 2021: M&C alum Diantha Vliet starts new position as lecturer in the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

January 2021: Dr. Wazhmah Osman publishes “Television and the Afghan culture wars: Brought to you by foreigners, warlords, and activists” with the University of Illinois Press.

December 2020: M&C alum Dr. Hojeong Lee publishes the book "Korean digital diaspora: Transnational social movements and diaspora identity" with Lexington Books.

December 2020: M&C alum Dr. Jaehyeon Jeong publishes the book “Korean food television and the Korean nation” with Lexington Books.

November 2020: M&C doctoral student Diantha Vliet successfully defends her dissertation “Postcolonial Pete: Race, media, and memory in the politics of Dutch identity.”

November 2020: Dr. Patrick Murphy publishes “From limits to ecocentric rights and responsibility: Communication, globalization, and the politics of environmental transition” in Communication Theory.

October 2020: M&C doctoral student Aiden Kosciesza presents his paper, "Turning points in identity formation for Japanese media fans," at the 2020 Global Fusion conference.

October 2020: M&C doctoral student Aiden Kosciesza presents his paper, "'It’s do or die': Cultural labor, competitive reality TV, and the reproduction of neoliberal capitalism" at the 2020 conference of the New York State Communication Association.

September 2020: Dr. Clemencia Rodríguez publishes “Citizens’ media in Latin America” in Media cultures in Latin America. Key concepts and new debates, published by Routledge.

September 2020: Dr. Clemencia Rodríguez publishes “Alterando el enfoque: Cómo se usan los medios ciudadanos en contextos de conflicto" in Sentidos locales: Reflexiones sobre colectivos de comunicación en Colombia, published by the Colombian Ministry of Culture. 

July 2020: Dr. Lauren Kogen presents “Participatory evaluation and the co-construction of knowledge: A case study of an intimate partner violence intervention” at the annual meeting of the International Association of Media and Communication Research.

January 2020: Dr. Carolyn Kitch co-edits new book, Front Pages, Front Lines: Media and the Fight for Women's Suffrage, published by the University of Illinois Press

8/28/19: M&C doctoral student Diantha Vliet publishes article “Defending Black Pete: Strategies of justification and the preservation of tradition in Dutch news discourse" in the journal Critical Studies in Media Communication.

8/1/19: Dr. Tom Jacobson co-authors article “Sen’s capability approach and the measurement of communication outcomes” in the Journal of Information Policy.

5/1/19: M&C doctoral student Tracy Tinga successfully defends her dissertation “From Afro-pessimism to Africa Rising: Anglo-American and Afro representations of the African continent.”

4/15/19: Dr. Larisa Mann presents lecture “Rude Citizenship: Jamaican Popular Music, Copyright, and Colonial Power” at the Race + IP Conference, NYU Law School

4/15/19: Dr. Patrick Murphy and doctoral student Tracy Tinga publish article “Communication for Development and Social Change and the Challenge of Climate Change” in the International Journal of Communication.

4/1/19: Dr. Wazhmah Osman publishes article “Between the White House and the Kremlin: A Comparative Analysis of Afghan and Tajik Media” in the International Journal of Communication.

4/1/19: Dr. Larisa Mann publishes article “Sonic Publics | Booming at the Margins: Ethnic Radio, Intimacy, and Nonlinear Innovation in Media” in the International Journal of Communication.

4/1/19: Dr. Soomin Seo is awarded the Academy of Korean Studies Grant to organize the “North Korea and Communication” pre-conference at the 2019 International Communication Association’s annual meeting in Washington, DC.

4/1/19: Dr. Lauren Kogen publishes chapter “Marketplace of ideas or little shop of horrors? Comparing US news coverage of local and distant suffering” in the book Media and mass atrocity: The Rwanda genocide and beyond

3/15/19: Dr. Nancy Morris wins Temple University’s most prestigious honor, the Great Teaching Award

2/15/19: In collaboration with Western Sydney University in Australia and Universidad del Norte in Colombia, Dr. Clemencia Rodríguez and Dr. Patrick Murphy launch a new communication and environmental stewardship initiative in Montes de María, a region in northern Colombia particularly impacted by armed conflict. 

10/1/18: Dr. Lauren Kogen publishes chapter “Evaluations and impact assessments in communication for development” in the Handbook of communication for development and social change.

8/15/18: Dr. Clemencia Rodríguez co-edits a special issue of Global Media and Communication about media, communication and social justice.

8/15/18: Dr. Andrew Iliadis publishes article “Algorithms, ontology, and social progress” in Global Media and Communication.


Deborah A. Cai, Brian Creech, Fabienne Darling-Wolf, Jan Fernback, Marc Lamont Hill, Andrew Iliadis, Tom Jacobson, Tricia S. Jones, Lauren Kogen, Larisa Mann, Nancy Morris, Patrick Murphy, Wazhmah Osman, Clemencia Rodriguez, Meghnaa TallapragadaSoomin Seo, Andrea Wenzel

Typical courses offered

  • Media globalization
  • Communication institutions
  • Critical textual analysis
  • Historical methods
  • Media ethnography
  • Public information media campaigns
  • Solutions journalism
  • #ourmedia: community, activist, citizens’, radical media