The way that citizens receive information about and think about political information is changing rapidly. 

Research in this area examines communication relating to politics and political discourse, and the effects of communication within political systems. It explores issues of ideology and power, and how citizens receive, understand, and react to political information and political campaigns, both domestically and internationally.

Recent research by our faculty has addressed:

  • How the media influences political opinions, attitudes, and behaviors
  • The melding of news and entertainment
  • Political and public discourse and deliberation
  • The role of emergent media in shaping political attitudes, opinions, and behaviors

Political communication news

January 2021: M&C alum Chen Zeng wins the 2021 Top Student Paper award from the Political Communication Division of the upcoming International Communication Association conference for her paper "A relational identity-based solution to group polarization: Can priming parental identity reduce the partisan gap in attitudes toward the COVID-19 Pandemic?".

8/26/19: Dr. David Mindich's third book and first textbook, The Mediated World: A New Approach to Mass Communication and Culture, published by Rowan & Littlefield.

8/27/19: Dr. Geoffrey Baym publishes “‘Think of him as the president’: Tabloid Trump and the political imaginary, 1980-1999” in the Journal of Communication.

8/1/19: Dr. Tom Jacobson co-authors article “Sen’s capability approach and the measurement of communication outcomes” in the Journal of Information Policy.

3/21/19: Dr. Geoffrey Baym presents “Tabloid Trump and the Political Imaginary: 1980-1999” as part of Temple’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series.

3/15/19: Dr. Heather LaMarre co-authors article “Satirical narrative processing: Examining the roles of character liking and media enjoyment on narrative-consistent attitudes” in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

11/27/18: Doctoral student Linda Greenwood successfully defends dissertation “Stimulating Interest in Political Information and Facilitating Deep Comprehension of a Political Text for Young Voters: Does Embodiment Matter?”

8/15/18: Dr. Brian Creech publishes article “Finding the White working class in 2016: Journalistic discourses and the construction of a political identity” in the European Journal of Cultural Studies.


Geoffrey Baym, Bruce W. Hardy, R. Lance Holbert, Tom Jacobson, Heather LaMarre, Marc Lamont Hill, David Mindich

Typical courses offered

  • Communication and social influence
  • Political communication
  • Communication institutions
  • Psychological processes and media effects
  • Social media scraping and computational textual analysis
  • Public information media campaigns
  • Statistics II