Minor in Communication and Activism

The Communication and Activism minor is a six-course, 18-credit academic program that provides students with the theories and skills necessary for becoming effective, conscientious, civically-minded agents of social change who are capable of communicating across a variety of issues and contexts and within a multicultural and multiethnic society. 

With Temple University being a beacon of public service, social activism and community engagement since its founding, students will be able to draw from the faculty’s subject area expertise, as well as immerse themselves in social movements throughout Philadelphia. 

Given the historical and contemporary importance of activism and organizational responsibility, this program fulfills a public need for leaders to understand how to address important cultural, political, social and economic issues that are in need of remediation. 

Career Options in Communication and Activism

Students in this program will be prepared to be strong communicators and social leaders at governmental, nonprofit and community organizations. With a minor in communication and social activism, students will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue the following careers.

  • Campaign manager
  • Community organizer
  • Speechwriter
  • Community relations manager
  • Political and non profit lobbyist
  • Social movement leader
  • Public advocate
  • Communications Specialist

Target Employers

Being in Philadelphia, a city dealing with many of the social and political challenges common to urban areas, students have the opportunity to join many of the nonprofit and social organizations throughout the area in fighting injustice through community organization and powerful communication. Some of these organizations include The Food Trust, Prevention Point, Project HOME, Philabundance, Juvenile Law Center, The United Way, Attic Youth Center and Women Against Abuse.