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Klein College of Media and Communication offers a structured path for students to plan and meet their academic goals. At Klein College, students receive the support and guidance they need throughout their college career. 

Our advisors are dedicated to their role. Their central purpose is to guide students and provide the necessary resources to keep them on track and prepared for graduation.

The Model

In 2021, Klein College took a new approach to advising. After reviewing various frameworks for academic advising, we implemented an official caseload model. A caseload model ensures that advisors have the time they need for each student, takes a proactive approach to resolve issues before they become problems, and uses shared systems to communicate with faculty and support staff.

This model allows the advisor to become familiar with the student’s individual coursework, goals and priorities. Simultaneously, it enables the student to 

  • build a strong relationship with an advisor,

  • get a personalized approach and

  • access resources easily.

The Process

At Klein College, all new students meet their advisor during New Student Orientation and continue to work with the same advisor throughout their college experience. There are scheduled times throughout each year where students are required to meet with their advisor, like Fly in 4 checkpoints, in order to ensure progress through their coursework. At all other times, students can access advising through a number of ways. 

Types of Academic Advising

Academic advising is always available at Klein College but the type we offer changes throughout the semester.

Virtual Drop-in Advising

Students can visit virtual drop-in hours via Zoom to get help with course registration issues during the first two weeks of each semester and priority registration.

Advising by Appointment

Schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor to discuss academic planning, questions, and concerns. Remote and in-person appointments are made in TUportal under the Klein College tab.