Content Creation Courses

Students who enroll in the Content Creation Minor will primarily develop skills in copywriting for print and the web, but coursework also encourages their abilities to understand and affect consumer behavior, from learning how to construct a convincing argument to designing visual campaigns that can influence wide varieties of audiences.

Introduction to Advertising

Learn the function of advertising in the economy, the strategic identification of markets and targets, the creation and placement of advertising, and to the relationship of advertising agencies to advertisers and the media.

Digital Media and Advertising

Immerse yourself in the world of interactive media and user-centered design, digital branding and strategy with a focus on how marketers leverage this medium for brands.

Explore the development of digital media and their impact on integrated marketing communications and consumer behavior. Analyze the use of digital media in advertising communications, brand building, database marketing, direct response and sales promotions. Examine strategic planning and the communication aspects of email marketing, interactive kiosks, mobile advertising, online advertising, websites and more. Learn principles such as content organization, interface design, navigation development and user experience that are necessary in developing persuasive digital marketing materials.

Persuasive Writing

Learn the rhetoric of writing intended to affect behavior. Review the basic crafts of grammar and composition, and explore consumer motivation as the focus of powerful, exciting advertising and written argument.

Social Media Marketing

Learn the strategy behind social media marketing plans. Examine the operation and organization of social media strategies, as well as social etiquette and the historical lead-up to this brave new world. Corporations, government institutions and nonprofits struggle to successfully connect with larger communities on social media channels; it is imperative to understand the challenges, opportunities and relationships that exist in the social spectrum.

Focusing on the “social” and remembering the “marketing,” the class and the instructor will incorporate social and digital efforts into their assignments, classwork and quizzes.

Introduction to Copywriting

Focus on writing effective advertising messages for print and broadcast media. Emphasis is on craft, writing ability and style. Composition and the integration of graphic elements are explored. Practical assignments teach students how to use the most common copy techniques effectively to create advertising with stopping power.

Introduction to Art Direction

Develop an understanding of the methods employed in solving communications problems in advertising with visuals. Explore the creative process of making images that can move ideas and information to the minds of others.

Copywriting for Print and Web

Perfect your copywriting skills, and focus on direct mail, magazines, newspapers, outdoor posters and the web. Learn both short and long body copy applications, the characteristics of each medium and how to write compelling advertising for each, and combine words and visuals into one coherent message.

A knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is suggested. (Intro to Digital Design Tools is available as an elective.)