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The courses in the digital technologies minor help students to master the newest tools transforming the communication industry.

Introduction to Media Technology

An introduction to visual aesthetics, communication design and other concepts relevant to the world of digital media. Students are introduced to various multimedia applications (Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Audacity and Final Cut Pro) and learn how to construct effective media projects including websites, graphics and audio and video work.

Introduction to Media Production

Learn how to create and understand media production. Become familiar with all of the basic aspects of television production in its three stages: pre-production, production and post-production.

Introduction to Web Technology and Programming

This course is designed to introduce students with no programming experience to the programming languages and techniques associated with the web. The course will introduce media-rich programming tools for creating interactive web pages. Basic animation programming is also introduced with an emphasis on media-rich content creation, distribution and tracking capabilities.

Mobile Computing Technologies

Learn and experiment with mobile computing technologies in different platforms, such as iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile (in partnership with Microsoft Research).

Law and Ethics of Digital Media

Discuss American law and regulation as it pertains to digital media. As new communication technologies become more integrated into our media landscape and our daily lives, new legal and ethical issues are being debated and new law is made every day.