Welcome to the Klein College of Media and Communciation!

Being accepted into graduate school is a tremendous achievement. Yes, you were selected based on your skills, goals and achievements -- but not only that. Every Klein College of Media and Communication graduate student is accepted based on a unique drive that is evident from the moment you apply, and will doubtlessly shine throughout your studies here. So let me be the first to say: Welcome.

Here, you’ll find some of the brightest lights in media and communication, scholars and practitioners at the vanguard of their disciplines. And you’ll find that even as those professors push forward in their own work, they will be passionately invested in yours. Working with them, you’ll find ways to learn and communicate that you never thought possible, maybe even ones that haven’t been invented yet. 

Next Steps

Use the links below to read a welcome message from your program director and see the next steps to finalizing your enrollment!