John DiCarlo
John DiCarlo
Director At Large
Department: alumni association


Graduation Year: 1998, 2006
Major: BA Journalism (1998) MA- Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media (2006)
Occupation, Company: Managing Director of Student Media and Adjunct Journalism Instructor; Klein College of Media and Communication; Editor,

Describe your current occupation and if applicable, how was Temple the launchpad for your current position?

Temple helped prepare me for my first job after college as a sports reporter at The Daily Journal, a Gannett newspaper in Vineland, NJ, where I covered high school, college and pro sports. When I thought about getting into higher education, two of my former professors – Linn Washington and Tom Eveslage – connected me to my current job, and I’m grateful for it.

Why do you support Temple University and serve on the Klein Alumni Association Board?

Temple has been such a big part of my life and afforded me with the professional opportunities I have today. There is something special and unique about this place, and I would imagine the rest of our board members feel that way, too.  Being on the board is a very worthwhile and rewarding experience. 

What excites you about the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication?

I believe in our students. They work tirelessly to engage in several opportunities here and challenge themselves to learn as much as they can. And as student journalists, they are very committed to covering the diverse community around them. We have great leadership here that’s steering us in a direction where we can grow in the future.

What advice could you give someone looking to become more engaged with Klein College?

Just jump right in and help. You will be glad you did. We need your voice. We need your perspective and feedback. It matters.

What was your favorite memory while a student at Temple?

Working at The Temple News and covering someone like John Chaney. He’s one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met, and to write about him was a privilege.

Describe KLN students in one word