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Account Manager, Agency

Work in partnership with your clients and multiple departments in an advertising agency and ensure your clients’ goals are met throughout the creative process. Communicate with internal teams to ensure that every project is delivered on strategy, on budget and on time. This role might also include delivering presentations, negotiating contracts and organizing meetings.

Advertising Manager/Director

Lead teams of creative and sales staff through the advertising process. Work directly with clients to brainstorm advertising strategies, then relay that information back to your teams. Provide strategic leadership throughout the creative process. This role might also involve conducting market research to discover which advertising strategies would best be suited to particular products or services, providing budget projections and staying in contact with clients.

Advertising Sales Representative

Working on behalf of a media outlet, contact prospective new accounts, establish new business relationships, develop and present sales pitches about the results your firm can achieve through various ad options, and close the sale. Advertising sales representatives might also work with sales directors to develop budgets and projections for advertising campaigns, create proposals and maintain relationships with clients.

Anchor/On-Air Personality

Present and interpret local, national and international events for viewers or listeners. Stay at the forefront of events that have an impact on your target audience and provide commentary to help them understand how the news affects their daily lives. Work for local or national news programs, on 24-hour news channels or for online news outlets.

Art Director

Work in partnership with copywriters, develop creative concepts and presentations. Brainstorm the most compelling approach for visually representing a product or service and identify the visual elements that reinforce the message. You’ll approve designs and layouts, develop working budgets, and stay in constant communication with creative directors and account executives to ensure that the creative approach meets your clients’ expectations.

Audio Engineer

Manage the technical aspects of sound during the various stages of recording, mixing and reproduction. Assist musicians and producers on the technical and mechanical aspects of the music and sound, piece together song parts, auto-tune recordings and add synthetic sounds to existing tracks.


Engage and influence others with online content centered around your expertise, ideas and interests. Though blogging is usually about self-expression, companies also seek bloggers to write about topics related to their products, operations and services. Being a blogger requires a strong talent for writing for the web and knowledge of SEO optimization.

Brand Manager

Oversee market research, development and the various marketing strategies of brands. Conduct initial market research, gather data about where brand offerings fit within specifc markets and conduct focus groups to find out what makes particular products stand out. From there, you’ll work with a team to develop objectives and implementation strategies for improving and enhancing brand value.

Broadcast Anchor

Deliver local, national or international news to wide audiences via online, radio or TV news programs. Broadcast anchors stay on top of relevant breaking news and conduct interviews with people who impact such events, and educate viewers by providing interpretation and professional insight. You might also write news copy, operate a control board and conduct investigative journalism.


Select the cameras, film stock, filters, lenses and other materials needed to capture and create scenes for film projects. Follow instructions from directors in terms of what is expected from scenes visually, and then determine how they will be captured on film or video.