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Client Relations Specialist

Work with client departments, vendors and material management staff; identify opportunities for service delivery improvements; evaluate opportunities for implementation; and make recommendations and assist in the implementation of service delivery improvements. You also might monitor and report on client and vendor satisfaction, as well as communicate and respond to client and vendor inquiries.

Communication Researcher

Conduct research on a variety of communication processes that are a fundamental part of virtually every aspect of human life. Your projects might be related to burgeoning technologies, culture, entertainment, health, mass media, organizations, new perspectives on persuasive communication or politics.

Communication Trainer

Facilitate discussions, provide helpful feedback to others and present training content in an engaging manner. Adapt training content to meet the specific needs of trainees and help them perform specific jobs more effectively.

Communications Director

Manage and direct an organization’s internal and external communications teams. Supervise public relations staff, create communication strategies and serve as the key spokesperson and media contact for the organization. Give interviews on behalf of the organization you represent, schedule interviews for CEOs or presidents, promote special events, and write press releases and speeches.

Community Organizer

Get people to work together to solve problems and change the world for the better. Help build organizations that maximize the power and the participation of their members. A community organizer might also might expand membership bases, maintain a focus on action, and preserve democratic, participatory processes and structures.

Community Relations Coordinator

Act as a liaison between companies or organizations and their communities to create positive public images and mutually beneficial relationships. The community relations coordinator usually plans, markets and sponsors events and local programs.

Community Relations Specialist

Develop and implement community outreach programs, including social and community awareness incentives. Work with organizations to create programs that promote their images in positive, community-oriented ways. Set up internal events, fairs, fundraisers and other events to incorporate organizations into communities.

Conflict Resolution Specialist

Serving as an arbitrator, conciliator or mediator, you’ll manage the dispute-resolution process outside court by addressing the needs of two or more parties. You can work with individuals and families or businesses and community organizations.

Content Manager

Oversee the content presented on websites and blogs, and create, edit, post and update content. Work with content creators to produce content and track how it directly affects the site’s activities while tracking data about where users click, how long they stay on a site and other metrics.

Content Producer

Create engaging, relevant content for a variety of communications platforms. A content producer’s portfolio can include everything from news stories and videos to blog posts and product descriptions, as well as content audits, while adhering to the look, feel and tone of an organization’s media and content strategy.