Degrees in the Klein College of Media and Communication

Master of Arts in Media Studies and Production

The Master of Arts in Media Studies and Production is a 36-credit program integrating conceptual and practical study to prepare students for careers in media analysis, creation and management or further academic study. Our students are activists, media makers and researchers who engage with media through a variety of lenses—cultural, economic, historical, legal, psychological and technological.

Master of Journalism

Utilizing a multimedia and multi-platform approach, this master’s program will provide you with a solid understanding of editing, ethics and law, reporting and writing, and help you as a current or an aspiring journalist to become an engaged and innovative professional.

Master of Science in Globalization and Development Communication

Drawing from a long history and vast body of theory and research on the practice of development communication, this unique, one-year program is designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century in areas such as food security, gender equality, human rights, peace and conflict, public health and sustainability. Immerse yourself in a rigorous, forward-thinking curriculum grounded in the promotion of responsible and ethical change in those areas and related ones.

Master of Science in Strategic Advertising & Marketing

The Strategic Advertising and Marketing specialization in the Master of Marketing program combines the storytelling expertise of Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication with global leadership insights from the Fox School of Business. Designed for industry professionals, this part-time curriculum delivers the skills necessary to build strong brands.

Media Studies & Production Major

Technical skills and media knowledge can converge in an exciting career, whether you want to direct films, operate cameras, run your own media firm or work as on-air talent. Learning in the Klein College of Media and Communication’s collaborative and high-energy environment, you’ll get hands-on experience with the conceptual and technical tools needed to prepare for a career in the production side of media.