Adrienne Shaw

Adrienne Shaw

  • Lew Klein College of Media and Communication

    • Media Studies and Production

      • Associate Professor


Adrienne Shaw is an Associate Professor in Temple University's Department of Media Studies and Production and a member of the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication graduate faculty. She is an affiliate faculty in Temple’s Gender Sexuality and Women Studies program.

She is also director of Temple's new Graduate Certificate in Cultural Analytics. Prior to joining Temple she was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Colorado State University, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, and Postdoctoral Scholar at the Mudra Institute for Communication Ahmedabad (India).

Shaw is author of Gaming at the Edge: Sexuality and Gender at the Margins of Gamer Culture (winner of the 2016 International Communication Association's Popular Communications Division's Book Award). She has co-edited three anthologies: Queer Game Studies (2017, University of Minnesota Press), Queer Technologies: Affordances, Affect, Ambivalence (2017, Routledge), and Interventions: Communication Research and Practice (2018, Peter Lang). She is also the founder of the LGBTQ Game Archive and co-curator of Rainbow Arcade, the world's first exhibit of LGBTQ game history (Dec 2018-May 2019 in Berlin, Germany). The Rainbow Arcade catalog can be purchased here. From 2011 to 2015 she was also part of the multi-million dollar and award winning CYCLES project, which developed games to train users to identify and mitigate cognitive biases. A full list of her publications is available via Google Scholar.

Presently, Shaw is leading the committee to bring the Association of Internet Researcher’s Annual Conference to Philadelphia in 2021. Shaw is also a co-editor of New York University Press's Critical Cultural Communication book series, an associate editor for the Journal of Communication, and serves on editorial/review boards for International Journal of Cultural Studies; Media, Culture, & Society; Critical Studies in Media Communication; Game Studies; and Not Your Mama’s Gamer.

Research Interests

  • Emerging media and technology
  • Media, identity and representation
  • Popular communication
  • The media industry, laws and policies

Courses Taught




GSWS 3000

Special Topics: LGBT Representation


LGBT 3400

Topics in LGBT Studies: LGBT Representation


MSP 3421

Technology and Culture


MSP 4425

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Representation in Popular Media


MSP 4541

Mobile Media


MMC 9206

Digital Qualitative Research Methods


MSP 5547

MA Project Workshop


Selected Publications


  • Folkestad, J.E., McKernan, B., Train, S., Martey, R.M., Rhodes, M.G., Kenski, K., Shaw, A., Stromer-Galley, J., Clegg, B.A., & Strzalkowski, T. (2018). The Temporal Attentive Observation (TAO) Scale: Development of an Instrument to Assess Attentive Behavior Sequences During Serious Gameplay. Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 23(1), 65-81. Springer Science and Business Media LLC. doi: 10.1007/s10758-017-9302-7.

  • Shaw, A. (2018). Are We There Yet?: The Politics and Practice of Intersectional Game Studies. The Velvet Light Trap, 81, 76-80. University of Texas Press.

  • Conference, I.C.A.A. (2018). Interventions Communication Research and Practice. Peter Lang Incorporated, International Academic Publishers.