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Andrew Iliadis

Andrew Iliadis

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Andrew Iliadis is an Assistant Professor at Temple University in the Department of Media Studies and Production (within the Klein College of Media and Communication) and serves on the faculties of the Media and Communication Doctoral Program, Cultural Analytics Graduate Certificate Program, and Science, Technology, and Society Network. His work focuses on the social implications of data science with specific interests in semantic computing (things like metadata, web schemas, knowledge graphs, applied ontologies) and embodied computing (things like wearables, embeddables, ingestibles, implantables). He maintains an active research agenda and has work published in New Media & SocietyCommunication TheoryThe Information SocietyGlobal Media and CommunicationBig Data & SocietyPhilosophy & Technology, Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Journal of Communication Pedagogy, and Online Information Review, among others. His latest books are Semantic Media: Mapping Meaning on the Internet (Polity, 2022) and Embodied Computing: Wearables, Implantables, Embeddables, Ingestibles (MIT Press, 2020).


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Pedersen, I. & Iliadis, A. (Eds.). (2020). Embodied computing: Wearables, implantables, embeddables, ingestibles. MIT Press.

Recent Articles

Iliadis, A., Acker, A., Stevens, W., & Kavakli, B. (2023). One schema to rule them all: How models the world of search. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. in press.

Iliadis, A. (2023). Critical and cultural approaches to human-machine communication. In A. L. Guzman, R. McEwen & S. Jones (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of human-machine communication

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Iliadis, A., Liao, T., Pedersen, I., & Han, J. (2021). Learning about metadata and machines: Teaching students using a novel structured database activity. Journal of Communication Pedagogy, 4, 152-165.

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Iliadis, A. (2020). Computer guts and swallowed sensors: Ingestibles made palatable in an era of embodied computing. In I. Pedersen & A. Iliadis (Eds.), Embodied computing: Wearables, implantables, embeddables, ingestibles (pp. 1-20). MIT Press.

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