Patrick Rosenbaum

Patrick Rosenbaum

  • Lew Klein College of Media and Communication

    • Alumni Association

      • Co-president

Graduation Year: 2011
Major: Broadcast, Telecommunications, and Mass Media
Occupation, Company: Co-Owner, Executive Producer at 20/20 Visual Media

Describe your current occupation and if applicable, how was Temple the launchpad for your current position?

As a co-owner at 20/20 Visual Media I manage all aspects of our video production business and specifically help to execute production and post-production tasks for our clients ranging from small to medium sized businesses, non-profits, healthcare, and educational institutions.  Temple’s Klein College was literally a launchpad for our company’s success because they afforded us an opportunity to produce a television show for Temple’s Athletic Department which helped start the company.  Without the reputation and relationships we developed from our time at Klein, the Athletic Department may have never came calling and 20/20 would cease to exist.

Why do you support Temple University and serve on the Klein Alumni Association Board?

Four years (or more) is a significant amount of time to devote to a goal or cause, and in my time at Temple I was given so many opportunities and experiences that there was never a question in my mind whether or not to support the school in the future.  Whether through giving my time, resources, or finances; “paying it forward” and serving on the alumni association board is important to me to help ensure that the reputation of the school remains as high as it can be.

What excites you about the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication?

I’m excited for the school’s renewed commitment to opening up doors for its students with the seemingly endless amount of real-world opportunities.  It’s something else to see students attend industry conferences, participate and win national competitions, land internships at some of the most sought after companies, and experience what the industry is like at worldwide events like the Democratic National Convention and the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

What advice could you give someone looking to become more engaged with Klein College?

Get involved!  Attend Klein College alumni events, whether that’s homecoming, the Lew Klein Awards, Brunch and Basketball, or other gatherings.  Make an effort to engage current students through philanthropic scholarship support, student mentorship, or by seeking Klein students for internships.

What was your favorite memory while a student at Temple?

My favorite memory was spending late nights in Annenberg Hall preparing for the next morning’s Temple Update news show.  Seeing a group of such diverse and dedicated classmates come together to produce an Emmy award-winning broadcast was really enjoyable.

Describe KLN students in one word