Ross DiMattei, KLN '14

Ross DiMattei

Ross DiMattei, KLN '14

  • Lew Klein College of Media and Communication

    • Alumni Association

      • Director at Large

Name: Ross DiMattei

Graduation Year: 2014

Major: Journalism

Occupation, Company: Reporter, CBS-3 Eyewitness News

Describe your current occupation and if applicable, how was Temple the launchpad for your current position?
I am a morning reporter at CBS-3 focusing predominantly on crime. Temple University equipped me with all of the skills and knowledge I needed to thrive in my field. I was also introduced to some of my most important role models who guide and inspire me still today.

Why do you support Temple University and serve on the Klein Alumni Association Board?
Temple University and Klein College gave me the resources and foundation I needed to chase my dreams. Now I’d like to return that favor and help the next generation of aspiring journalists.   

What excites you about the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication?
It’s full of accomplished professionals eager to teach the next generation of communicators. 

What advice could you give someone looking to become more engaged with Klein College?
Guidance and direction is not hard to find at Klein College as long as you’re willing to 

What was your favorite memory while a student at Temple?
Hosting my own sports talk radio show on WHIP and anchoring an episode of Temple Sports Update. 

Describe KLN students in one word: Resilient