Natasha McCombs, KLN '19, said a master's degree from New York University will enable her to achieve her goal of becoming a leader of a university advocacy and diversity office. 

The strategic communication major, who graduated this past May, will be studying higher education and student affairs in New York City as well as working as a graduate intern at Pace University's LGBTQ and Social Justice Center.

"I realized I wanted to go into education, especially on college campuses because I had so much fun here," McCombs said. "I want to do something that helps people get what they want out of their college experience while also feeling like I have a purpose."

Throughout McCombs' undergraduate education, she devoted much of her time outside of the classroom to the social justice movements in New York City and in Philadelphia. Her work and dedication awarded her the Marc David LGBTQ Scholarship, which is awarded to an undergraduate Temple student active in the LGBTQ community.

Scott Gratson, director of undergraduate studies and of the Communications Studies program at Klein College, praised her work as both a student and a leader.

"Her creativity, dedication to the LGBTQ community and social justice, as well as her love of learning is beyond commendable," Gratson said. "She was an incredibly involved student, and even then was starting her work in NYC as we prepared for World Pride."

McCombs credits Scott Gratson and many of her professors and advisors with helping her figure out where she wanted to take her future career.

"They really made sure that they were not only my professors but also my mentors, and made sure I was grounded wherever I went," McCombs said. "I think that Temple did an amazing job preparing me to go into the real world."

McCombs said she couldn't wait to continue her education, her work as a social justice advocate and become the leader she has always strived to be.