Kadija Sow, a junior communication studies student, is a recent transfer to Temple University's Klein College of Media and Communication from Delaware Technical Community College. Yet she has already made her mark on Klein College by taking advantage of the resources the school has to offer, especially extracurricular experiences. Most recently, Sow interned at the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference, which is held annually in Miami, Florida, where she networked with television professionals and gained insight on what it takes to become successful in the entertainment industry. The organization is the largest global content association based in the United States. 

Sow has always had a soft spot for television programming, so when she toured Temple, she was impressed with the caliber of the instruction and curriculum at Klein College. Communication studies gave her the flexibility she needed to learn about communication as a discipline and develop more knowledge about professional television production. 

"Communication studies had courses that you could take throughout [Klein College] majors," Sow said. "And it was just like I was getting a feel of all of the majors and all of the things I like within the media."

Sow used her first semester at Klein College to strengthen her writing and connect with industry veterans. She arranged biweekly meetings with Temple University Television general manager Paul Gluck to discuss her scripts, worked with WHIP Radio and was also appointed as one of the leaders of the Communication Studies Transfer Ambassador program launching this semester by Professor Scott Gratson, director of the communication studies program.

With the belief that visual communication like television shows is "the most beautiful way to tell stories," Sow set her sights on opportunities that could supplement those she already had at Klein College. She discovered the NATPE Miami conference after Gluck, who was a NATPE fellow, told her about the organization's work and recommended her for the conference internship position. Although she expected to perform typical internship duties like running errands, she was most excited about the opportunities to educate herself about the career responsibilities and creative possibilities available to those who work in television. Gluck believes that she will make what she learned at the conference count toward her future career.

"One of the reasons I'm happy to meet with [Sow] on a regular basis is she's so earnest about wanting to be a good writer, is so invested in the work she does, is so tenacious and proactive about trying to write as well as she possibly can," Gluck said. "I think for someone so young she has a great sense of discipline about it all. Those are the characteristics, the traits that will help her be a success."

Speaking before her conference internship, Sow maintained high hopes. "I think it's gonna be a phenomenal opportunity for me to intern," she said. "And I also feel like I'm very lucky to be able to intern at NATPE, just because I've only been at Temple for one semester and I've gotten this phenomenal opportunity in my hands."