The Journal of Responsible Technology, published by Elsevier, is scheduled to launch its first issue in October. The new journal aims to include scholarship that highlights the relationship between humans and technology and analyzes responsible research and innovation in technology. Andrew Iliadis, an assistant professor at Klein College of Media and Communication, is one of 29 scholars to join the journal's inaugural editorial board. His research interest in information and communications technology (ICT), especially embodied computing and semantic computing, fits comfortably with the focus of the journal. 


The Journal of Responsible Technology was built out of an existing journal that was part of the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT (ORBIT) project, funded by the United Kingdom's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Bernd Stahl of De Montfort University and Marina Jirotka of the University of Oxford, the co-editors-in-chief of the journal, laid out a vision for the publication in their article "The need for responsible technology." Although they note that other journals such as Philosophy & Technology and Ethics and Information Technology center a similar scholarly area, they hope that the journal "will be the place to publish truly interdisciplinary and even transdisciplinary insights into technology. We strongly encourage submission from authors including scientific and technical disciplines as well as from the reflective disciplines."


Iliadis responded to the journal's open call for editorial board applications and received word of his acceptance soon after. As a member of the board, Iliadis will work with the co-editors and other board members to establish the journal's administrative practices, refine the focus of the journal and utilize their networks to spread the word of the journal's aims and scope. He is excited to see the many ways the journal can amplify existing research and contribute to emerging scholarship.


"I think what I'm personally looking forward to the most is helping center the journal around issues related to things like misinformation, fake news, public health crises — all these contentious things we hear about on the news that are related to things like ICTs and social media," he says.


For more information about submitting to the Journal of Responsible Technology, visit their submission page.