Every journalist dreams of exploring new regions; talking to interesting people about their activities, jobs and lives; and uncovering new story ideas. Expand your worldview by participating in a Study Away opportunity in a city in the U.S. or around the world. You’ll gain hands-on experience working with new people and cultures while honing your journalism skills and preparing for an exciting career. In order to foster intellectual exchange, studying abroad is also open to qualified students from other universities and colleges.


Dublin is an emerging, multicultural metropolis that serves as an incubator for artistic and multimedia innovation. Spend a semester immersed in an Irish institution, taking courses with Irish and other international students. During the summer program, you’ll encounter the “old” and the “new” Dublins, as you examine how a distinctive national identity emerged from Ireland’s literature and a long-fought political revolution.


London is a rich cultural and intellectual hub for students of mass media and communication. Approximately 20 to 40 students attend Klein College’s London program each semester and are led by an Klein College faculty member. You can participate in internships during either the fall or spring semester at film and video production houses, magazines, public relations and advertising agencies, and websites. You can also take a six-week course, led by a Temple faculty member, that focuses on a different theme each year.

A view of Parliament and the Thames.

New York City

Regarded as North America’s only truly “global” city, New York City is unparalleled in its richness of art, culture and history. This summer program provides an in-depth look at the communication-related components of the city by focusing on its institutions, neighborhoods and organizations. You’ll take two courses on those topics and have the option to take an additional course, for variable credit, as a self-directed independent study or internship. You’ll also explore New York as a group on Saturdays throughout the summer and should expect to spend at least one additional day there completing course assignments.

Pedestrians walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

South Africa

Studying in South Africa will expose you not only to a richly diverse learning experience, but also to a fascinating culture spanning everything from bustling urban districts and cosmopolitan dining and shopping centers, to stunning vistas marked by breathtaking natural beauty and abundant wildlife. During the summer program, you can combine adventure and academics with immersion into aspects of that country that most South Africans never experience. This unique study away program offers you the opportunity to produce journalistic and documentary narratives or a body of photographic work or research that focuses on South Africa.

Global Internship Program

The Global Internship Program can provide you with both academic and professional work experience in your chosen field of study. Each summer, students spend approximately three weeks in May on Temple’s Main Campus completing Intercultural Communication in the Workplace before departing for full-time internships in major cities throughout the world, including Barcelona; Boston; Chicago; Dublin; Hong Kong; London; Los Angeles; Miami; New York City; Paris; and Washington, D.C.