Syria Aid Convoys Suspended After Airstrike on Trucks

U.N. officials were dumbfounded by the attack on the convoy, which occurred after the Syrian military declared that a partial cease-fire was over.

Greeks Appeal for Aid After Fire Damages Refugee Camp

The blaze, which started inside the main Moria camp of Lesbos, destroyed 50 homes and dozens of tents, driving about 4,400 migrants into nearby fields, aid workers said.

The Public Editor: When to Call a Lie a Lie

The word has become so freighted in political warfare that its mere appearance on news pages, however accurate, feels partisan. But sometimes it is the right word.

California Today: California Today: Clearing the Air, Without Fossil Fuels

Tuesday: Cutting out fossil fuels in Los Angeles, the sapping of the Silicon Valley food scene, and San Francisco’s friendly bicycling.

New York Today: New York Today: Bail Is Set for a Suspect

Tuesday: A manhunt ends, the evolution of scarecrows, and favored food vendors.

U.N. Suspends Convoys to Syria After Attack on Aid Trucks

A top official at the organization said the airstrike would amount to a war crime if found to have targeted humanitarian workers.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, U.S. Elections, Tulsa: Your Tuesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Spin Class Full? Feel the Burn From Your Living Room

A new crop of boutique workout companies are using interactive apps to bring their cycling, yoga and fitness classes to customers around the globe.

Resolution of Jacob Wetterling Case Also Closes Chapter for a Reporter

People in St. Joseph, Minn., and a journalist who followed the case, come to grips with the painful ending to a boy’s disappearance in 1989.

The Interpreter: 15 Years Into Afghan War, Americans Would Rather Not Talk About It

Cautious presidential candidates and a weary public are part of a bipartisan silence over the war, which is still costing American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars.


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