Man Wounded After Attempt to Enter Israeli Embassy in Turkey

An attacker armed with a knife tried to enter the Israeli Embassy in Turkey on Wednesday before being shot and slightly wounded by Turkish security officials, Turkish and Israeli officials said.

Protests in Charlotte

Police in riot gear responded to protests in Charlotte, N.C., after the shooting death of Keith L. Scott on Tuesday. Kerr Putney, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department chief, said Mr. Scott had a gun. Protesters said he was holding a book.

Protests Erupt in Charlotte After Police Kill a Black Man

Demonstrators faced off with riot officers overnight after the police shot and killed Keith L. Scott while trying to serve an arrest warrant on someone else.

Charlotte, Donald Trump Jr., Syria: Your Wednesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Books of The Times: Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir: Riding Shotgun With the Boss

This big, loose, rangy and intensely satisfying autobiography is like one of Mr. Springsteen’s shows — ecstatic, exhausting, part séance and part keg party.

Tech Fix: Allo’s Tryout: 5 Days With Google’s Annoying Office Intern

Google’s new chat app promises to stand out from a crowded field by bringing artificial intelligence into conversations. But it turns out to be frustrating and unhelpful.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles Post on Twitter Fits a Pattern

When Mr. Trump, a close adviser to his father, likened Syrian refugees to deadly Skittles, it was not the first time he had been accused of poor taste.

Who Hates Trade Treaties? Surprisingly, Not Voters

Support for trade agreements in general, and the pending Pacific pact in particular, stands in notable contrast to the toxicity of trade this election season.

State of the Art: For the Debaters: What Shall We Do About the Tech Careening Our Way?

Autonomous vehicles are symbolic of numerous technology advances, each requiring a close look at benefits and risks, and leadership to navigate them.

The Deflategate Scientists

The researchers whose work led to Tom Brady’s suspension have never spoken publicly. Now they’re eager to say they were right, no matter what Patriots fans believe.


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