As a Klein College of Media and Communication student, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date equipment, facilities and software for both instruction and production. Work with camera equipment, editing software and multimedia in a hands-on learning environment that will prepare you for a cutting-edge workplace.

Learn more about Klein College’s facilities.

Audio Studios and Post-Production Resources

In Klein’s Pro Tools-equipped studios, students get one-on-one training and faculty use the latest sound editing and recording equipment.

Post-production resources at Klein College include animation and color correction suites, editing stations, and sound mixing rooms. The Post-production Lab houses 16 Apple iMac workstations equipped with a variety of peripheral devices for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Students also have access to Adobe Creative Suite software, including Photoshop and After Effects, as well as dedicated software for encoding, audio sweetening, color correction and graphics.

Students may also use the video editing stations housed in the university’s TECH Center.

Access to audio studios and post-production resources are prioritized in the following order.

  1. Students currently enrolled in Klein College production courses
  2. Faculty preparing materials for Klein College courses
  3. Faculty and staff preparing creative projects that are not-for-profit

Students may also use the music lab and sound booths in Temple’s TECH Center.

Klein College’s audio studios are located in Annenberg Hall, rooms 117 and 118Klein College’s Post-production Lab is located in Annenberg Hall, Room 18.

For questions regarding the audio studios and post-production Lab at Temple, please contact the post-production manager.
Phone: 215-204-8568

Video Production

Klein students can reserve the film and video gear they need to learn and complete their coursework. The equipment office is not an instructional facility. If students are unfamiliar with how to operate the equipment, they must consult with faculty first for instruction.

For questions regarding the Video Production Equipment Office and the process for reserving equipment, please contact Angelena McCloskey, video systems coordinator.
Phone: 215-204-1495

Klein College’s Video Production Equipment Office is located in Annenberg Hall, Room 101.

Professor teaches virtually from mobile robot.

Photo by Ryan S. Brandenberg, CLA ‘14

TV Studios

Klein College’s three TV production studios span more than 4,400 square feet and house 2000-4000 level production classes.  The complete multicamera production system is utilized in practicum-level courses.


TV1 is the largest studio featuring industry standard Vinten pedestals, Blackmagic Design studio cameras, and a Panasonic PTZ camera as well as Autoscript teleprompters.

TV1 is located in Annenberg Hall, room 104.


TV2 houses midlevel production courses and is a great open space for equipment demonstrations and practicals. This studio has a green screen curtain and an ETC lighting console to control permanently rigged Strand fixtures.

TV2 is located in Annenberg Hall, room 103.


TV3 hosts live weekly broadcasts including Temple Update and OwlSports Update. The studio has Hitachi and Panasonic cameras and boasts a 16-foot curved LED video wall, driven by two NovaStar video scalers, to highlight students graphical creations.

TV3 is located in Annenberg Hall, room 109.

Control Rooms

Control room technologies feature Ross carbonite video switchers, a 360systems 4-channel playout server, XPression graphics systems, LiveU bonded-cellular remote contribution capabilities, ENPS and RundownCreator scripting solutions, Telos Axia audio consoles and Telos Infinity intercom.

TECH Center Multimedia Studio

Temple University’s 75,000-square-foot TECH Center offers specialized graphic design spaces, music composition tools, video editing labs and more. It is also home to Temple’s Multimedia Studio, a flexible, open studio space intended for multidisciplinary student use.

Typical uses for the studio might include

  • small-scale video production (interviews, video podcasts, etc.),
  • group audio recordings,
  • still photography shoots and
  • internet2 videoconferencing.

The studio is approximately 12-by-18 feet with acoustic glass windows, echo-reducing foam tiles on the walls and sound-reduction insulation. It’s equipped with the following resources.

  • Four ceiling-mounted video lighting rigs with dimmer switches.
  • A backdrop frame with green screen and black-and-white backdrops.
  • A Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM professional HD camcorder and tripod system.
  • Mac stations with the following software installed: Adobe Creative Suite (CS5)—including After Effects, Audacity audio editing software and Pro Tools audio editing software)—and Final Cut Pro video editing software.
  • A MOTU HDX-SDI SDI, HDMI and analog video interface for Mac.
  • A Tote Vision 5.6” 16:9 monitor (NTSC/PAL/RGB/HDMI).
  • A Mackie Onyx 1640i 16-channel FireWire recording mixer.
  • Various microphones and accessories, including an Audio-Technica AT-875 shotgun microphone kit and a Shure PG Series dual wireless lavalier microphone system.
  • A Behringer TRUTH B2030A active two-way reference studio monitor.

For questions regarding the Multimedia Studio or to reserve a time, please call 215-204-9898.

The Multimedia Studio is located in the TECH Center at 12th Street and Montgomery Avenue, room 106.

IT Support Office

Klein College’s IT Support Office provides technical support for classrooms, faculty, labs, staff and students. If you have an issue with your desktop system or laptop, contact IT Support for a solution or a reference to the person or department that can solve your problem.

For questions regarding the IT Support Office or how to get support, please contact Robert Velez, director of information technology.
Phone: 215-204-2092

Klein College’s IT Support Office is located in Annenberg Hall, room 1J.

Other Technical Resources

If you have a technical issue and cannot reach the Klein College IT Support staff, the university’s Information Technology Services Help Desk can assist you. The help desk can help you when you’re locked out of your computer or email, answer questions about Microsoft Word and much more.

Requests for help should be submitted via All other questions should be directed to the help desk manager.
Phone: 215-204-8000

Temple’s help desk is located in the TECH Center, 12th Street and Montgomery Avenue.