Be a role model to Klein students

The Klein Rising Peer Mentor paid position supports the first-year initiative Klein Rising, a new program operating out of the Office of the Dean of the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication. Klein Rising is dedicated to building a new first-year experience that engages students both online and in-person to build strong community and lasting relationships within Klein.

Matriculated students with sophomore, junior, or senior academic standing enrolled in an undergraduate program in Klein are eligible for this opportunity. This role is responsible for developing authentic relationships with incoming first-year students to guide them through both the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters. Peer mentors will be paired with students who will rely upon them for guidance in navigating life at Klein and Temple University. Peer mentors will support first-year students enrolled in KLN 1001 (First-Year Experience) by facilitating weekly discussion sections. The ideal individual for this role will have a deep understanding of the support services available at Temple University and Klein, as well as a passion for building pathways to college success.

This is a paid position.

Detailed Position Responsibilities

  • Mentor First-Year Students
    • Meet with 8 - 10 assigned mentees weekly for a 50-minute session face-to-face (some students may join via Zoom)
    • Facilitate discussions related to Klein Culture and the college transition process
    • Connect students to University and Klein College support services and resources
    • Encourage students to connect with co-curricular activities 
    • Fill out monthly reports regarding mentee engagements, challenges, and issues
  • Engage with Faculty Mentor and other Peer Mentors
    • Meet with Faculty Mentor every other week for check-ins to discuss challenges and assess the status of the relationship
    • Meet with other mentors to brainstorm and troubleshoot problems to best assist their mentees 
  • Complete educational and teamwork training
    • Attend all required on-boarding and continued educational training
    • Collaborate with the diversity advisor to the dean and vice dean of student success to effectively manage program and measure success

Position Requirements

Hours Per Week

  • up to 10 hours per week during summer 2020
  • 5 hours per week from fall 2020 through spring 2021

Education and Expertise

  • Minimum enrollment as an undergraduate/graduate student
  • Communicated experience in working on a team
  • Foundational experience in providing support and resources
  • Demonstrated leadership amongst peers

Skill Requirements

  • Organizational skills
  • Experienced in interpersonal relationship building
  • Strong ability to multitask
  • Interest in supporting student and peer success
  • Understanding of diversity and inclusion


  • Grade point average of 2.75 or higher preferred
  • Good academic standing with the university
  • No pending or unresolved student conduct violations
  • No financial holds with the university