Scholarships for Global Opportunities

With proper planning and a commitment to exploring funding resources, studying abroad can become more affordable for any student. Global Opportunities administers several scholarships to help offset the costs of students’ study abroad experiences. It would be in students’ best interest to start researching scholarship opportunities early so they will be able to take full advantage of available resources. 

Diane M. Rencevicz Memorial Scholarship

Students studying in London through the Global Opportunities fall semester program are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship awarded in memory of Diane M. Rencevicz. The recipient must have financial need, and will be selected by the Global Opportunities Scholarship Committee. The award must be used for tuition and/or room and board. Two scholarships are awarded every fall semester, and all students who apply for a Klein College Global Opportunities Scholarship (see below) while applying for the program are considered for this scholarship.

Klein College Global Opportunities Scholarship (need-based)

Klein College Global Opportunities has reserved 60 percent of its scholarship funds to assist students with financial need. The awards range from $250 to $5,000 and the amount of the award is determined by Global Opportunities in consultation with Temple’s financial aid office.

Klein College Global Opportunities Multimedia Scholarship

The Klein College Global Opportunities Multimedia Scholarship is for students interested in documenting their experiences through various forms of multimedia. Awardees are expected to send in entries via blogs, images or videos. Students may receive up to $1,000 for a semester program, $500 for a summer program, and $250 for a short term winter/spring break program. Visit the Global Opportunities Multimedia Portfolio website for samples of current student projects.

Global Access Scholarship

The Global Access Scholarship aims to create a community of Klein College Global Opportunities students who reflect Temple’s student body on Main Campus. Those who identify as a racial and ethnic minority, LGBTQ, first-generation student, veteran, student with financial need and or a student with a disability are encouraged to apply. Recipients are awarded between $250 and $1,000.

First Time Away Scholarship

The First Time Away Scholarship project aims to encourage travel among students who have never left the U.S. and gives them a chance to explore the world. Awardees receive $250 - $500.

Research More Scholarship Opportunities

Global Opportunities offers students the opportunity to conduct their own research on potential scholarship opportunities through the Klein GO portal. Global Opportunities consistently updates these resources with scholarship opportunities. Below are links to different types of scholarships for students to research and apply for to offset the cost of their study abroad program:

Global Opportunities Scholarship Application

Students can apply for Global Opportunities scholarships through Temple’s Academic Works system. Students can watch the video guide below to learn how to navigate the Klein Global Opportunities scholarship application.