Ready to use the latest technology

The digital media technologies minor is an interdisciplinary program offered through the Department of Media Studies and Production within the Klein College of Media and Communication and the Department of Computer and Information Sciences within the College of Science and Technology. It’s designed to expand students' knowledge of the information age and enable them to share digital communications using dynamic, emerging technologies.

Graduates leave with the ability to:

  • Use technology to integrate internet content with computers and mobile devices.
  • Design and implement content for various kinds of digital media, utilizing database technologies.
  • Critically analyze decisions made regarding the use of technology, specifically in the social and ethical domains.
  • Understand the impact of current and emerging technologies on communications, both locally and globally.
  • Create effective written communications and make professional presentations.
  • Analyze and solve problems efficiently.

Students who explore digital media technologies are prepared for success in the following roles:

  • Videographer
  • Digital media consultant
  • Producer
  • Media consultant
  • Network executive
  • Production company staff
  • Recording engineerPodcast producer