Learn to influence and empower others

The public relations minor provides students in other programs the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively and lead organizations. The skills learned in these courses can be applied to almost any position, or prepare you for a career in the field.

Introduction to Public Speaking

Students will prepare, present and evaluate speeches on significant topics of public concern. The course focuses on the three skills necessary for successful professional public speaking: selecting the appropriate content, organization and using an effective style of delivery. Students also study more advanced principles of public speaking including critical thinking, the discovery and evaluation of arguments and evidence, audience analysis and adaptation, peer evaluation, speech composition and persuasion.

News Writing and Media Relations

This writing-intensive course focuses on the fundamentals of writing for various forms of news media, including print and electronic.

Introduction to Public Relations

This course introduces students to public relations careers, skills and responsibilities. Intended for both those who are considering a PR career and those planning to enter related fields.

Public Relations Theory

Using a critical lens, this course enables students to explore practical public relations problems and opportunities influencing the field through application of public relations theory.

Digital Media, Social Media, Audience Analytics for Public Relations

One of the most critical skills in modern public relations is a strong understanding of the tools and metrics that are crucial in the field. This course provides students with the basics of digital tools and the key metrics analyzed for communication disciplines. Students will learn some of the most common digital tools in the industry, and leave better prepared for the modern communication world.