Here at Klein College of Media and Communication, our faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring that each student receives the individualized attention they need to learn successfully and soar to their greatest heights. As we prepare for the fall 2021 semester and work to secure our students’ physical and intellectual wellbeing, Klein has devised a plan to make sure that our new students’ health and abilities to learn are both preserved. This will be achieved through a comprehensive experience called “Klein Rising,” a three-pronged program building community between new students through:

  • The first- year seminar course (KLN 1001) or transfer student seminar course (KLN 2001)
  • An attentive peer mentoring program
  • A range of enriching co-curricular activities

Following orientation, Klein Rising will aid in the transition to Klein culture and college life for new students, with the goal of making this incredible life change more manageable during a time when we often feel confused and disconnected from our peers.

Introduction to Klein: Your first-year seminar

All first-year students will be required to enroll in the one-credit Klein Freshman Seminar (KLN 1001) in the fall. Delivered in a hybrid format, this course will help students develop valuable skills such as time management, goal setting, academic planning, transformational learning and an introduction to all of the opportunities available at Klein.

Learning together, every step of the way: Klein’s peer mentoring program

The peer mentor program will allow small groups of first-year students to be matched with sophomore, junior and senior students. These peer mentors will (safely) meet with small groups of students weekly to talk through some of the themes in their seminar classes, and - above all - provide support and guidance to one another.

Create your own greatness: Klein’s co-curricular activities let you choose your own adventure

Klein's Flight Plan for creates spaces and opportunities for first-year students to explore new interests and engage with Klein faculty, staff, current students and alumni. Students will choose activities in categories such as faculty research, co-curricular activities, student organizations, and exploration of the history and culture of Temple University and our surrounding neighborhoods. All Klein students will be supported virtually by Klein’s Academic Advising Office, Office of Career Services and Office of Global Opportunities in order to make the most of their time at Klein with global experiences and career preparedness. Students have built résumés, skills, portfolios and friendships through student-run media outlets such as:

Student media is certainly one of the best ways to learn in real time. However, Klein’s vast assortment of student organizations that fall outside the scope of media creation range from honor societies to professional organizations and social causes. For instance, just a few of these include: