Cassandra Semyon
Cassandra Semyon represented TUTV at the CBI Awards.

The winners of the CBI (College Broadcasters, Inc.) 2017 National Student Production Awards were announced on Nov. 4, 2017 and students from Klein College were honored with six separate awards.

OwlSports Update won second place for Best Social Media Presence and third place for Best Vocast (video podcast). Temple Update scored big with its first-place awards for Best Website and Best Station Promo. Temple Update also received third place for Best Video Newscast and fourth for Best Social Media Presence. Both programs air on TUTV, the university's digital cable station.

The Owlsports Update vocast, "Owl Access Pass," started last spring and its staff consisted of senior students.

"This was an especially exciting moment for everyone because the vocast itself was in its very first season, and received such a high award," said Media Studies and Production Professor Matt Fine, executive producer of OwlSports Update.

Media Studies Assistant Chair and Professor Peter Jaroff, executive producer of Temple Update, was also delighted to see his students recognized that night.

"It's been so great to see them get the recognition they deserve for this," Jaroff said. "I believe this will be a motivating thing to keep bringing out quality work from the students."

He attributes the students' success to strong group effort and responsibility, which helped create higher quality work. Jaroff plans on growing the program's reputation even further.

"I think we want to enter in more contests than we have in the past," he said. "The most important aspect in this is turning out quality content, social media postings, web work and broadcasts."

The future looks bright for both groups. Jaroff expects to maintain first place and Fine's students have introduced a new show called "Courts in Session," which focuses on basketball, is based through social media and is similar to Owl Access Pass.