Two Klein College of Media and Communication 2019 graduates, Evan Easterling and Anh Nguyen, were chosen to represent Temple University in paid internships at Tthe New York Times and Los Angeles Times, respectively, through the Dow Jones News Fund.

The Dow Jones News Fund Internship program, co-founded and directed by Temple University journalism professor Dr. Edward trayes, places exceptional journalism students in newsrooms as copy editors, but not before taking a crash-course editing bootcamp at one of the few Centers for Editing Excellence across the country.

Easterling, who will be participating in Temple's bootcamp before his internship, expressed his gratitude for this opportunity to work at such a renowned news organization. 

"Honestly, I'm fortunate to be working at a great newspaper with the potential for me to learn so much," he said. "It will set me up for success after the 10 weeks, no matter where I end up."

At The Times, Easterling hopes he will be able to take the skills he learns into sports writing, his lifelong goal.

While Dr. Trayes never had Esterling in his classes, his reputation has transcended from the walls of Temple News.

"I knew that he was doing an excellent job at the Temple News," Trayes said.

Nguyen, before interning at the Los Angeles Times, will be travelling to one of the other Centers for Editing Excellence at the University of Texas in Austin along with eight other students.

Nguyen took one of Dr. Trayes' graduate editing clases when she was a sophomore and recalled how much work his class pushed her and made her a better writer. But Dr. Trayes said that her work ethic and attention to detail is why she deserves this opportunity. 

"She's special," Trayes said. "I got to know her throughout the course, and she did an outstanding job."

Nguyen has worked with the Temple News and interned at the Philadelphia Inquirer alongside Easterling. Her experiences has made her sensitive to the difficulties surround journalism today, but she's hopeful for the future.

"It's a tough time for journalists. I feel like this program is going to really show me what journalism is capable of," she said.

Nguyen is from Vietnam and would love be a correspondent for her home country whether as a writer for The Los Angeles Times or another organization. 

"This is the perfect transition from college to work that will allow me to follow my dream of being a correspondent in the future," Nguyen said.