Brand Innovation Festival Student Entrepreneurialism and Innovation at Temple

It's not often that a business idea for a school project turns into something larger. Fox Business School student Brandon Study originally conceived of the idea for Understand Your brand, a clothing line made via environmentally friendly and ethically sound methods, as a social awareness campaign for a business ethics class. From there, it has turned into a successful business built on sustainability and social change.

Study's main incentive for creating Understand Your Brand stems from his experiences doing volunteer work in poverty-stricken communities in El Salvador.

"I've been working with communities that are either in destitute poverty or are in some violent situation," Study said. "I really want to give back to the people who haven't had some of the similar opportunities that I've had. Understand Your Brand is just one of the ways that I want to do that."

Study also cofounded a nonprofit called Inches and Nations, in which he goes to El Salvador every summer to keep giving back to the community. He hopes to have both businesses work collaboratively in the future.

"We'll eventually be able to work synonymously, giving back to very specific groups and communities," Study said. "I'd like to partner up with that and make a more streamlined and dynamic approach."

For the clothing production for Understand Your Brand, Study works exclusively with facilities that use ethical and environmentally friendly methods. They use any excess material to make another piece of clothing or accessory for the business.

Sean Hawkins, Study's roommate, also lended a hand in the development of Understand Your Brand. Study and Hawkins are both very involved in each other's creative projects.

Study also played a role in the creation of The What If Innovation Festival, an annual showcase of cutting-edge technology, business endeavors, artistic and musical projects and performances throughout the different colleges of Temple, as well as by alumni and people in the community.

Rosalie Shemmer and Tim Mounsey spearheaded the creation of What If. Hawkins did a lot of the communications and copywriting work for the marketing of the event. 

"We have a very diverse crowd at Temple," Study said. "We really wanted to break down the walls between the schools. That was the premise of the whole event -- what if we learned to work together?"

The next What If festival will take place on April 18, 2017 at the Temple University Bell Tower.