Renowned journalist Bob Woodward will receive a degree of letters, the first honorary doctorate awarded from Temple University's Klein College of Media and Communication, at a graduation ceremony in May.

"Bob Woodward is the most important journalist of our time, and one of the premier reporters in American history," said Dean David Boardman. "We are thrilled to have him address our graduates and to honor his service to our nation."

Woodward is best known for his role, with partner Carl Bernstein, in investigating the Watergate story as a reporter for The Washington Post. Their work uncovering the scandal, which eventually led to President Richard Nixon's resignation, also won Woodward and Bernstein a Pulitzer Prize in 1973. Their book about the experience, "All the President's Men," became an Oscar-nominated film in which they were portrayed by Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, respectively.

"Starting with his revelation of the Watergate scandal, he has lifted the curtain on the halls of power in Washington, in New York, in Hollywood," Boardman said. "He has helped us understand how our institutions work — and how they sometimes fail us. He has done so with unfailing integrity, a dedication to accuracy and a strong sense of fairness that transcends partisanship."

Woodward won a second Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for his coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Today, he serves as associate editor of The Washington Post, where he has worked since 1971. He has written or co-written 19 books, including his most recent, "Fear: Trump in the White House."

"Mr. Woodward is a true American hero, and no one better personifies the values of the Klein College of Media and Communication," Boardman said.

Woodward will address the graduating class at exercises in the Liacouras Center at 5:30 p.m. on May 9. He will be joined on stage by student commencement speaker, Jon Dowding, who is graduating with his bachelor's degree in journalism.

"It is an absolute honor that I am able to give back to an institution that has already given me so much in my short career," Dowding said. "My graduation will be memorable not only for my speech but for the opportunity to listen and sit next to the distinguished Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward."