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Klein Rising

Elevating the New Student Experience

The Klein College of Media and Communication created Klein Rising to provide the necessary support for new students to make a successful transition to college life and to Klein's culture. This yearlong experience provides a framework for student development and acts as a springboard for student growth.

Designed specifically as a new student experience, Klein Rising engages students in a variety of ways to build strong community and lasting relationships within Klein College.

We recognize the incredible life change that many of our new students are going through as they enter college and have developed this three-pronged approach to community building that allows each student to soar to their greatest heights.

I got into the Klein Rising program, which is a mentorship program for first-years and transfers to help them adjust to Temple and the university in general. Being a recent transfer myself, I could see that some students needed some help and wanted to get involved.

headshot of Jason Lee

Jason Lee ’24

Communication Studies Major, Transfer Student

The Three Pillars of Klein Rising

New Student Seminar

The first pillar of Klein Rising is the New Student Seminar. All first-year students are required to enroll in the one-credit New Student Seminar (KLN 1001 or 2001), a course delivered in the fall semester. Students are introduced to all the opportunities available at Klein while learning valuable skills like

  • academic planning,
  • goal setting,
  • time management and
  • transformational learning.

Transformational learning refers to the process of going beyond transactional learning or simply acquiring knowledge. It promotes critical thinking and the act of relating new information to personal life experiences, which helps students understand themselves and their place in the world in a more meaningful way.

Peer Mentoring

The second pillar of Klein Rising is the mentoring component where new students have the opportunity to learn from their more experienced peers. Small groups of new students are paired with sophomore, junior and senior students who meet weekly to reflect on themes discussed within the New Student Seminar (KLN 1001 or 2001).

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The third pillar of Klein Rising is student-driven and experiential. New students explore their interests and engage with faculty, staff, students and alumni to set the stage for academic and professional success. In order to complete this hands-on learning component, students must meet requirements related to the following topics.

  • Academic
  • Klein community
  • Professional development
  • Temple community

Student Success Offices

In addition to the supportive framework of Klein Rising, the college offers traditional academic and career development support through the student success offices.