Eugene Kukshinov
Eugene Kukshinov
PhD student
Department: Media & Communication
Office: 215 204-8422


Fundamentally, I am interested in most psychological issues that interaction with media/medium raises. In that sense, I am particularly interested in how media shapes our experiences through immersion as presence; in mediated contexts (VR, mobile, online, etc.), and as & transportation to media texts or narratives (like movies, TV shows, books, and so on). That includes video games immersion as a combination of these psychological states. At the same time, I want to know how identity is constructed online, which intersects with my interest in subjectivity constitution and representation (particularly, the psychology of representation). And finally, it connects to my interests of the Russian hegemony and propaganda (due to my political science background).






Political science/Integrated communications 2011

National Research University Higher School of Economics


Higher School of Economics, Political science 2009

State University


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