Photo by Amanda Stankiewicz.

Twelve Klein College students will cover the Democratic National Convention as part of a special summer course. The DNC will be hosted in Philadelphia from July 25 through July 28.

The course is the result of a collaboration of three Klein College professors: Bruce Hardy from the Strategic Communication Department, Karen Turner from the Journalism Department and Paul Gluck from the Media Studies and Production Department.

The course, which will be offered during Temple's Summer II session, will prepare students for covering the convention. At the conclusion of the class, students will then report about the DNC for a news outlet. They will receive a stipend of approximately $1000 for their work.

To be considered for this opportunity, students must apply no later than February 8, 2016. The application requires a one-page essay, a resume and a faculty recommendation letter.

"As a member of the selection committee, I will be looking for students who are motivated, curious, aware of current events, demonstrate a willingness to work long hours during the convention, have good writing and reporting skills, an interest in politics, self-starters, have an appreciation for deadlines and work well under pressure," Turner said.

The course, Hardy said, will offer students a rare chance to learn political reporting while covering a major event. "Exposure to the inner workings of a major presidential election event and working as a press liaison with a news agency is an opportunity that most undergraduate students will never get," he said. "Not only will skill sets be strengthened and new ones learned but it will be also a great experience to discuss in cover letters and in interviews with potential employers."

Specific collaborating bureaus have not been announced but the magnitude of the DNC indicates students working on a national scale. "It is a chance for Temple to demonstrate not only quality of student and instruction here, but to show some of the skill sets that aren't seen in everyday operations here," Gluck said.

"Our ability to field a team that will provide professional level coverage for other news organizations around the country, I think, is unique in education right now," he said.

Turner, who covered two political conventions as a journalist, said it was an exhilarating experience. "I never worked harder as a journalist," she said. "I want this unique experience for the students we select."