Getting internships as soon as possible is the key to success in college.

You don't have to tell Chloe Hill that.

Hill, a freshman communication studies major, secured an internship with Arabian Enterprise Incubators (AEI) in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia. She will be living in Saudi Arabia from May to August and will be working on AEI's social media presence and in its consulting department.

She will be working one-on-one with international companies that start to do business in Saudi Arabia and inform them of the services that AEI provides.

She plans to take the international communications concentration in her major and hopes this will give her a head start.

"It doesn't necessarily feel real yet, but I'm excited," Hill said said.

Her mom saw that AEI was looking for interns for the Summer, and she decided to apply. After Skype interviews with AEI management, Hill was informed she was selected to work for the company.

"I thought it would be wrong not to try," she said. 

Hill never thought that she would be working on the business side of communications.

"It just threw me for a loop," she said. "I'm excited. I'm interested to see how my major and classes will be applied to the business sector."

AEI has offices in England and the United States as well, and while Hill wants to see how much she enjoys working for AEI, she'd love to work full-time one day in the Manchester, England office.

As for her dream job, Hill isn't exactly sure what she would like to do, but said she would love to work in business, marketing, or advertising in Europe.

"I love to travel, and I look working with different cultures and people. I love working on creative projects!"