Many media studies and production (MSP) students hold an internship and take MSP 4785: Internship before finishing their time at Temple University. From the moment recent graduate Danielle Salvato, KLN '22 (she/her), started her internship at Harmelin Media, she knew she wanted to stay and work there after her internship ended.

Salvato found Harmelin at a Klein College of Media and Communication networking event in 2019 and is glad she was able to make that connection early on, before it was time to take MSP 4785.

As an intern in the paid search department, Salvato worked two days a week creating Google advertisements for clients and looking through searches to see where the ads should show up. In her new, full-time position, Salvato is a coordinator in the same department.

"Honestly, I think it was the best-case scenario with my course schedule and how everything lined up," Salvato said. 

Salvato is incredibly happy to be staying at Harmelin, and is grateful to the company for giving her opportunities and for creating a work environment that she feels comfortable in as she begins her career.

"She went in not knowing very much about the role and just had this intense quest to learn," said Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Communications Betsy Tutelman (she/her). Paid search isn't a field that often gets covered in MSP coursework, so Salvato had to take it upon herself to learn everything she could on her own. 

"She's one of the most dynamic, humble, and hard-working people I have ever met," said Salvato's friend Lucy Niyazova, KLN '22. Niyazova and Salvato have been friends since their freshman year and are looking forward to both staying in Philadelphia and living together for another year. 

Tutelman teaches MSP 4785, and saw Salvato immerse herself in the environment at Harmelin. She noted that Salvato went above and beyond when it came to assignments for the course, and was always positive during meetings discussing her progress.

"[Danielle's] quest for knowledge continues and in our field, we have to accept the fact that things change every day. Danielle's got that passion to keep on learning, so I think she will go far," Tutelman said.

Salvato is glad to have taken Tutelman's course as well as her senior seminar with Amy Caples, KLN '85, as both courses prepared her for the internship. "Going through that class kind of pushes you to make those connections and go out of your comfort zone," she said.

After a few weeks off in between graduating and starting at Harmelin again, Salvato went back on June 1, 2022 and couldn't be happier. "Since starting my position at Harmelin Media I have had no doubts that I made the best choice for my career. I'm excited for what the future holds at Harmelin and especially what I can learn from the amazing people around me!" Salvato wrote.