Nic Uff, KLN ’22, is an Associate Segment Producer at Good Morning America

By Emma Paige

Sep. 19, 2022

While many recent Klein College of Media and Communication alumni are settling into new jobs and truly beginning the next chapter of their lives, Nic Uff, KLN ’22 (he/him), had the privilege of staying right where he had been, at Good Morning America (GMA). 

Uff started as a booking intern at GMA in January 2022 and worked full-time until May 2022. As a booking intern, Uff periodically drove from Philadelphia to New York City by 6 a.m. so he could be in the control room during the show. 

“There’s a feeling that I get in the control room that ensures me that I’m doing what I love,” Uff said.  

Luckily, Uff was asked to stay and was offered a position as an associate segment producer for the show. After taking a few weeks to travel after graduation, Uff got right back to work at GMA doing what he loves most. 

When he wasn't in the studio, Uff worked remotely looking for stories that the show could cover. One of his favorites was one on two Harvard University students that created a website similar to Airbnb, but for Ukrainian refugees to find housing. Uff worked remotely in June and July, as well, before making the move to New York City on August 1, 2022.  

In addition to GMA, Uff also interned at two other big morning shows, CBS Mornings and The TODAY Show.  

In the fall of 2020, Uff started as a booking intern at CBS Mornings where he was in a role similar to the one he was in at GMA. He spent two semesters as what people at the show like to call a “story chaser,” looking for people to cover everything from entertainment to politics.  

After CBS Mornings, Uff made his way to NBC where he interned for the The TODAY Show; first in Washington, D.C. for the summer of 2021 and then in New York City for the fall of 2021. In Washington, Uff worked with editors to craft stories and packages, mostly about happenings on Capitol Hill. In New York, he helped with logistics and got to work on everything from the Olympics to interviews with Alicia Keys.  

Still, on top of whatever internship he had at the time, Uff was a part of Temple Update on TUTV – Temple University Television for all four of his years at Temple University.  

“To our great benefit, he is always thinking about Temple Update,” said Executive Producer of Temple Update Peter Jaroff (he/him). Even though Uff graduated, he and Jaroff have kept in touch and even got dinner together when Jaroff and his wife were in New York City recently. 

It wasn’t just Temple Update benefiting from Uff’s presence, though. Uff noted that his work as a supervising producer and production manager for the show was the most instrumental part of his time at Temple when it came to getting jobs and internships.  

Uff’s Klein involvement didn’t stop with TUTV. He worked as a content strategist on the strategic communications team and served in several mentor roles in the Klein community. As a Klein ambassador, Uff gave tours to prospective students and helped out at Experience Temple Days. He also served as a Klein Rising peer mentor, teaching Klein’s seminar course for first-year students.  

“I could tell right away he had great care for not only his educational journey but also the success of his fellow students,” said Vice Dean for Student Success Maggie Place. “Nic took a leading role in teaching that seminar course and made strong connections with the mentees in his group.” 

Uff certainly feels proud of his mentees and is glad he got to meet so many people through his involvement in TUTV and his leadership roles in Klein.  

Currently, Uff can be found in New York City or anywhere GMA sends him for a story. He has already traveled to Memphis and is looking forward to traveling more to immerse himself in more stories.  

Uff is also excited to return to Philadelphia in late September 2022 to attend the Mid-Atlantic National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Student Production Awards.  

“He has a really well-developed sense of empathy and connection to other people and that will help him go far wherever he may want to go,” Place said.