Washington, D.C.

Disrupt stereotypes of class, race and religion in Washington, D.C.

This course examines structural racism and genocide. Lessons will be conducted about the powerful role of propaganda through media, oral and written communication to define and reinforce the caste system. Students will gain personal, in-depth exposure to other cultures, and will learn to respect and appreciate diversity, equity and inclusion in a multicultural world. Students will be encouraged to come up with proposed ways to address racism and prejudice in their own areas of interest.

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Program Details

Led by a team of Klein instructors, this program will encourage and nurture each student’s creativity  while examining and gaining an in-depth understanding of three caste systems: the history of slavery and racism in the U.S., the history of the caste system in India, and the history of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany during World War II.

In this three-credit program, students will be required to read The Origins of our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson, which ties together the three themes. The program is structured as follows.

  • In January, students will have three days of classes in Philadelphia.
  • Students will then travel to Washington, D.C., and spend three days visiting relevant museums and exploring cultural experiences related to the course material.
  • Students will create a digital artifact to be presented at a symposium at the conclusion of the program.

Digital artifacts can include an article, multimedia presentation, photo essay, podcast, research paper or other items. They will be part of a digital gallery that will be published and shared widely throughout the Temple community.

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The Rocking the World course was an amazing opportunity to share my own experience and take a step back to listen to others. Race, religion and class are often not associated with the workforce, but discrimination in these three areas is seen every day.

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Alexandra Pombo

KLN ’25, Communication Studies


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